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Image meta description corrupted

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Hi. Can I ask why this happens?

When I upload a jpg, the meta keywords and description of the file loses the accents and spanish symbols of the words.

Original image on the left, and the image generated by PW on resize on the right.


This happens on resize. The uploaded file is ok.

How can I control which meta keep in the photo?

Thanks a lot (and sorry for my English)...

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Hi @tonicastillo,

I'm not sure, but it looks like something in your workflow is not utf-8 save. Can you send me one original (uploaded) image, where this happens? You can use PM or my email address, if you like: https://nogajski.de/contact/


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Posted (edited)

@tonicastillo Many thanks for sending me your images.

I have tested with the original image on windows and on linux. My variations always had correct and 100% identical iptc metadata as the original has. (see my screenshot via PM).
It seems you have to control which part within your workflow chain is not properly set to UTF-8.

If you are using PW >= 3.0.132, you can use the following code to get direct debug output from images and variations:

    $image = $page->images->first();            // get the original image, (adapt to your needs!)


	$options = ['forceNew' => true];
    $variation = $image->width(300, $options);  // create / recreate a (new) variation
    echo $variation->getDebugInfo($options);    // debug output

Parts you need to check can be the OS default charset and/or codepage, PWs php files, the Webserver DefaultCharset, etc.

In the modules directory you can find a useful set of inspection tools: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/process-diagnostics/ that assists in some parts.
It has diagnostics for PHP, Webserver, Filesystem, etc.



PS: Normally it should be possible to query debugInfo for multiple images one after each other, but an optimization error has crept in

Edited by horst
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Hi @horst.

The image debug info is everything ok. And the process-diagnostics plugin doesn't detect any problem.

I'll check my workflow chain


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