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Hi guys / gals.

Rimaa deals with logistics and moving products around. They needed an interface for their clients to check the status on their orders and that's where I came in.

Not much you can see just by visiting the site, because this is actually a private mobile oriented web-app. But see some screenshots below.

This project features some cool things under the hood:

  1. First, the content is managed from a Google Spreadsheet. PW connects to the spreadsheet on an interval (that can be configured), parses the sheet and updates the orders list. So the various people that share that spreadsheet and keep it updated for internal control, are also maintaining this platform without even knowing it.
  2. PW users templates was modified to allow for this platform's different roles:
    • Client : only sees his orders
    • Agent : has a set of clients he can overview
    • Super-agent : sees all clients
  3. Updated orders visual cue: Comparing the current version of an order (by $page->modified) with last viewed version's date (stored in an repeater on each client), the app turns on a visual cue that the order has been updated since it was last seen. Viewing an order is an accordion-style CSS toggle, so at that point an Ajax call tells PW to update the last version viewed by the current user.

All in all, a very little project that once more shows the flexibility we get from this awesome API. Being able to modify users to have the fields we need to get something like this working is a beautiful thing.



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Very cool project! That's a great use case for PW you got!

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