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Found 4 results

  1. Have read loads of similar threads but can't find the deifnitive answer. I'm bootstrapping ProcessWire into a Magento installation. Everything is working fine in terms of expected PW API functionality, however I cannot get the paths for images in the site work correctly. ProcessWire is installed in a subfolder called 'pw'. If I load the PW site directly e.g. visit mainsite.com/pw everything loads fine and all image paths are correct. If I load the parent site in the root folder with the PW bootstrapped page content rendered within it, the image paths don't contain the subfolder and s
  2. So I have been diving into vue.js lately, and I am really impressed. I thought it could be perfect for an internal dashboard using PageQuerry boss to retrieve the data. However, I do have a few questions that someone might be able to guide me with before I fully commit. 1. Is it even possible to bootstrap pw into a vue app? 2. How would it be possible to handle user registration/logins without actually having to mirror the users on pw in another service? 3. I know I could easily use an iframe in a modal to handle page editing (as I have done it inside of pw before), but would
  3. Hi, I'm building a newsletter via ProcessWire content. For this I'm bootstrapping ProcessWire via: include('index.php'); However, I'm getting this strange error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'WireException' with message 'Method Pageimages::size does not exist or is not callable in this context' in E:\WebServer\greentrekker.pt\wire\core\Wire.php:358 Stack trace: #0 E:\WebServer\greentrekker.pt\wire\core\WireArray.php(1686): Wire->___callUnknown('size', Array) #1 [internal function]: WireArray->___callUnknown('size', Array) #2 E:\WebServer\greentrekker.pt\wire\core\Wire
  4. Hello, everyone, I've been playing around with Processwire since late 2012, so I am pretty much a novice. Hope my question is not too dumb though. I seem to have a problem which I cannot solve on my own. I want to be able to have a PW page with some form which, when submitted, is processed by a separate script. I added a form to the basic-page.php template. The code of the form looks like this: <form id="f" action="/f.php" method="post"> <input type="text" name="char_name" id="ch_name" value=" "> <button type="submit" id="char_name_submit">Proceed</button> <
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