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Alfonso Rodriguez

Processwire do not complete installation

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Hello, i am new in the processwire. I tried to install pw in my server a few time but nothing happen. I saw a video on youtube how its installed but the las step was not finish. I tried two diferente versions, the 3.0.42 master version and the 2.8.35 legacy master version, even i tried to install the beginner page and the classic page but the result was the same. 

I take an screenshot of the last step.

Thanks for you time. 


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Hi @Alfonso Rodriguez.

Welcome to the forums and ProcessWire. Is this a remote site or on a local install? In your /site/config.php, set the following:

$config->debug = true;

That will show if there are any errors. Please note that the directive may show some information that is only intended for superusers. So, if you are on a remote/live site, I'd only show that to superusers. If that is your case, let us know so we can show you how to go about it

  • If you have debug on, do you see any errors? What do they say? 
  • Did you see any warnings (red) during the install Process? E.g. ProcessWire complaining about a requirement not being met
  • Is the frontend working?
  • What is your server environment like? PHP and Apache version? or a Windows environment?

There's a couple of topics around 'blank' screens but not sure which one applies in your case. Here's a couple:



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Hi @kongondo

Its a remote site, with the 

$config->debug = true;

the installation process show me this. 

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 122880 bytes) in /home/sro/public_html/processwire-legacy/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageEditImageSelect/ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module on line 168


By chance you have a suggestion of how to solve it.


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That's PHP complaining that you do not have enough memory (you have 32MB). To be honest, I am a bit baffled by this since it is happening on install as opposed to during some image manipulation or similar process when editing a page. Other than increasing the memory size available to PHP, e.g. to 128MB, I am clueless. I'll let others more knowledgeable chime in. 

Edit: What's your server environment? You can now turn off that debug as well

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