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Directory website with payments between users?


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I'm quite new here and as you can imagine very attracted by ProcessWire. 

I'm intending on building a directory website where I have two types of users, more like airbnb if you want a more clear picture. Some make the listings, some pay for having the listings, or the services, while i get a percentage. Initially I was looking at Expression Engine as it had a flexible approach to building your website and then discovered PW.

Now my question is, can I build such a directory website with PW where users can transfer money in return of some goods or services from other users? I'd also have to get some recurring payments for their membership later on when I have users. A map implementation is also needed, but I've seen some modules that do the trick. 

Expression Engine has much more plugins from what I've seen and probably also due to it's bigger community, but anyway PW seems attractive because I can start playing with it without having to buy, as in the case of Expression Engine. Just to mention that I'm a beginner to both of them, so at-least if I invest time in any of them, I want to know that what I need is possible. 

Thanks in advance!

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ProcessWire is a nice out-of-the-box solution in storing custom content, so you're set in storing those listings or payment information. The actual payment processing does need to be handled either by a 3rd party modules or your custom code and very much depends on what you need there.

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Thanks for all the replies. Really helpful. I suppose the modules still work on version 3, as in the info it's mentioned 2.7 as the latest.

The second issue I consider is at the maps level. I've seen you have this module in PW for google maps, where you can add tags relative to the listing. Does it have other features also that can be activated? like geolocation, distance measuring from A to B or have to check and code the Gmaps api myself for the extra?

I was thinking of using Leaflet or MapBox, as they seem more user friendly in documentation and customisation also. Did anyone here tried any of them?


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