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Subtle Admin Theme

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I've been working on a version of the core theme based on some proposals in the forums on a new processwire.com design. It's entirely derived from the default theme and inspired by ideas around a new ProcessWire look and feel. 

I wanted something that I'd be proud to show clients,  and something that could draw developers to ProcessWire who might have been turned off by the default admin UI.

This was created by working from the default theme, and developed organically over time. It's not coded in the most efficient way, but I hope it's useful for some of you. I'd love to see a cleaner look in the default theme. Ryan, if you see anything you like, please steal it!  Likewise if you see anything you think could be improved,  I'm all ears. 









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My main issue with any of the themes is usually colors. I'm using classic now and do some inspecting and CSS search and replace if it changes. Used Reno for a while but classic is always in sync with the latest features.

If it was just for me I'd tone down the shocking pink and use a more natural green but currently I'm only making the selected tab's edges 10% darker and field separation lines 3% darker. With the default colors one client, new to Processwire, did not perceive the page editor tabs (content, children...) as tabs.

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My main focus was to reducing visual clutter and to add whitespace to help convey hierarchy, grouping and meaning of elements. 

I'd like to extend this theme to prove several colour combinations (like AdminThemeDefault does). I went with this colour scheme hoping it might tie in nicely with the proposed redesign of the processwire.com website  (especially the dark concepts)

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I liked it very much, @bcartier! Great job!

One thing I'd like to suggest is to check the contrast ration between the light gray texts (tree items and breadcrumbs) and their background. Some people may find it harder to read.

Edit: also check the menu links' contrast as well. :)

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I've just tried this on 2.8, but it appears the module doesn't work. I get the following error:

Configurable module check failed for AdminThemeSubtle, retrying...


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Sorry Mike - I built it based on v3. I'll see if I can get it working for 2.8...

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Interesting - I wonder what could cause it to throw an error as the only realy difference between 2.8 and 3.0 is namespace support...

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To get it to work in 2.8, the "namespace ProcessWire;" at the top of each file needs to be removed.

The configurable module check error is thrown because the module doesn't have a getModuleConfigInputfields method. ",ConfigurableModule" needs to be removed from the implements declaration.

After those two steps, it works fine in 2.8 (albeit with the missing fonts issue Mike mentioned).

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