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Migrating complete site


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i offered msummers to take a look at his files and i think i got everything working.

thats what i did:

  • did a clean 2.3 installation
  • copied the old site-folder to the new installation (overwrote existing files)
  • replaced the database
  • looked up admin url (db table "pages" id = 2 showed "sample" so admin url was example.com/sample/ )
  • find out username of superuser and reset password
    $admin = $users->get(41);
    $admin->pass = 'admin'; // put in your new password
    echo $admin->name;
  • backup working 2.3.0 site (files+db)
  • copied ProcessWireUpgrade to modules folder and installed it... error:
    Error: Cannot call constructor (line 85 of /var/www/html/site/modules/ProcessWireUpgrade/ProcessWireUpgrade.module)
  • renamed
    wire -> wire2.3.0
    index.php -> index2.3.0.php
    .htaccess -> .htaccess2.3.0
  • downloaded pw 2.6.1 and put into old site:
  • installed processwireupgrade module
  • installed site profile exporter and exported 2.6.1 site profile with data from old page


old version had a custom admin - don't know how/where to activate this in 2.6.1 as it shows the standard admin again. have no more time to investigate further, sorry.

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So, I figured it was time to post an update to this great thread. Thanks to the truly exceptional help from Bernhard, and from others including kixe, OrganizedFellow, Peter, and cstevensjr, I am on my feet with this. while I didn't exactly follow the summary that Bernhard posted in the immediately previous message, it was close enough. The site is loaded and functional! This has allowed me to begin exploring the inner workings of the site - expect me back at any time without notice!

Thanks again, guys. It was great help. ^-^

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