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  1. I am converting a wordpress website to PW powered website which is not-for-profit organization and I am looking for some good website layout ideas which can boost donation as well as gives quick glance of the organization to the user who is visiting the website. Layout should be mobile-friendly. Here is the the wordpress version of the website which uses Twenty Eleven theme (plan and simple): http://mssoonline.org/site/ Your response will be much appreciated.
  2. I would like some suggestion for the same but with hourly or user selected slot which can be 30mins or 45mins or 1hour, etc. What would be the best way to store those info? If I store as pages as each appointment (which can be 1hour, 30mins, etc) then for one day of bookings could be more than 6 entries and that would end up over 150 entries of pages in a month (if I use as 25days with 6 entries per day calculation). Please let me know your thoughts/input. Thank you!
  3. I think that's must be mistake in the tutorial. You can replace $has_children with $child->numChildren() if($child->numChildren() && $child !== $root) { There is discussion about to check if given page has children http://processwire.com/talk/topic/3527-check-if-a-given-page-has-children/
  4. I am not sure what you are doing with images (slideshow pictures) but it takes ~30 seconds to load on my latest Chrome browser on my Win7 laptop which run on the LAN cable (not wi-fi). See attached snapshot.
  5. No I haven't but I went with different approach. I kept the new folder "Process" and developed stand-alone web application using Flourish UnFramework with MVC. I used separate database for the web application which is based on RDBMS concept. I tried my best to use with PW to develop membership portal but I hit the wall so many time so I used my OO experinece to develop web application using MVC style. I know quite a bit of you guys have done it but I had not enough time to experiment anything at that time.
  6. Adding a remember me feature to your php login script tutorial: http://www.downwithdesign.com/web-development-tutorials/adding-remember-feature-php-login-script/
  7. I am using adamkiss's Flourish module in the PW. I can use individual functions without any issues but if I want to use as web application then I am having hard time to figuring out how to do it. As I said before, do I have to create each and every php file (PW called templates) into PW and create a page based on every php in order to use it on the front end for web application?
  8. I would like to know how to integrate Flourish with PW. I have read Flourish module thread and related post as well but it doesn't tell anything more than as below: then in your code: // in templates $modules->get('LibFlourish'); // in modules $this->modules->get('LibFlourish'); // anywhere else wire('modules')->get('LibFlourish'); I am creating user registration and membership portal where I want to work with my own table structure which I created for membership project. I want to know how to use Flourish with PW to submit forms with Flourish validations. Do I have to create PW template first and then add into PW Template area using PW Admin panel and then create a page to use them? If so then how do the form submit (post action) work. I am confused. I follow same as I mentioned to create user registration page but none of the validation is working as expected. Also, I have to add post-action-template.php to PW in order to work but still not working. I am trying to build web application with Flourish with PW. I can do it without PW but then website style and look and feel, I need to maintain separately which I do not want it. If any one can give some example how can I do it that would be much appreciated.
  9. @totoff I have do not have more control than what control panel allows me to do it. I think I can still move subdomain folder from public_html and point subdomain to that folder. I will test it out when I get chance. I don't have much time to finish my webapp so I need to concentrate on that first.
  10. Thank you MadeMyDay and totoff for your reply. I used CPanel to create subdomain and it create folder under public_html. public_html --- cgi-bin --- webapp (this one is subdomain) ------ .htaccess (updated by pw during installation) ------ index.php (created/updated by pw during installation) --- site --- wire --- .htaccess (updated by pw during installation) --- index.php (created/updated by pw during installation) If anyone can tell me where to go and how to do it that would be much appreciated. Ok. I figured out how to do it. Thank you everyone!
  11. When I created subdomain its created folder under www folder where my PW install is. I don't know what you're proposing. If you could explain a bit then I understand. Here is my folder structure: www --- cgi-bin --- site --- wire --- webapp (this one is subdomain) --- .htaccess (updated by pw during installation) --- index.php (created/updated by pw during installation) When I try webapp.mydomain.com or mydomain.com/webapp then it doesn't show anything there.
  12. I have installed PW on the root document and I have created subdomain which I want to run stand-alone php web application. How do I do that? what configurations needed on the PW htaccess file on the root to work my subdomain?
  13. Why do you need old version of the PW when you can use latest and greatest version of the PW!
  14. I was reading ServInt page on the processwire website and I clicked the link within the paragraph which points to ServInt.com and it gave me below attached message (read carefully because I do not want to mention here ). "About ServInt" link taking me to the ServInt.net website which is fine. I am not sure why .com is categorized like that!
  15. I had the same problem with v2.3. I didn't know until I logged in as that user and and found no access, just 'continue' link.
  16. Ryan, Thanks for getting back to me. I have to make decision based on your answers to go with custom development or use your Form Builder. I think I need to do some custom development as I am building membership system where member can login and update their profile and their family member info and also can buy membership and tickets for the event.
  17. Hi Ryan! I would like to buy Form Builder for my non-profit website to build membership management system. I have few questions before I make transaction. Does it support repeaters? Does it support form fill out functionality with add/edit forms without login to admin area to edit entries. I want to give same functionality to users who has custom role and logged in using my own login system which uses same user in-built user table. Does it allows to disable certain fields when its only in edit mode. Also I would like to integrate with paypal or stripe payment processor. Looking for your reply. Thank you!
  18. @Sevarf2, I am also trying to integrate your code and having some difficulties to setup file and folder structures. I have following folder setup: site templates signup.php --> what would be form action page [<form action='/iscrizione/' method='post' id="registerform">] login.php scripts register.js --> what would be value, is it page [$("#register_submit").attr('value','Iscriviti'); ] login.js wire process --> new folder as per your setup emails.php login.php register.php username.php Do I have to add as template into PW and setup as page from that template. if yes then please describe. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  19. I went there already and looked at their roadmap and it says as below, we are in middle of the 2013 and still in beta that's why I said that.
  20. Flourish seems like is dead. Is there any similar unframework which I can use?
  21. I would love to buy the ProcessWire book. Keep us updated.
  22. Can we have Unique field setting same as Required under Input tab on any field? The reason is that if I need to have an email address or number type or other built-in field type then I cannot have unique and if I have to apply unique to the field then I have to use FieldtypeTextUnique field type and cannot utilize built-in type.
  23. fmgujju

    security issue

    http://processwire.com/talk/topic/1716-integrating-a-member-visitor-login-form/?p=29624 I have raised same question on the above post. I am looking for unique email addresses for each user.
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