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  1. I was looking for jQuery Carousel and I stumble upon this cool jQuery Carousel call Roundabout. It has lots of options! http://fredhq.com/projects/roundabout Found from this article: http://www.tripwiremagazine.com/2012/12/jquery-carousel.html
  2. I think Ryan should start thinking about ProcessWire VIP to make some money out of his this awesome CMS/CMF. He can be millionaire in no time!
  3. Do anyone know about WordPress VIP? http://vip.wordpress.com I just came to know when I was reading news about Canadian Penny retirement. If you look at their client list and the cost for cloud-based hosting it massive. I think that's the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com
  4. I think its for extra setting that are available after module installed!
  5. Yep! it worked. Thank you so much Soma & Pete for your help!
  6. It's not working with v1.0.6 either. Because I have installed PW on windows platform that's why it may not be working.I have rollback to v1.0.3 again.
  7. I will use v1.0.3 until it get fix. Thanks Soma!
  8. if there is no dependencies then good. I installed v1.0.5 again so you can check out 404 error page. http://www.fmmhindusociety.com/sitemap.xml
  9. Soma, I don't have LanguageLocalizedURL module installed. I already reverted to v1.0.3 which I had before. Just wondering if I want to install latest & greatest XMLSitemap module then I need to have LanguageLocalizedURL module installed? correct? I think if its then probably Pete needs to update installation instructions with dependencies of other modules.
  10. I updated my client's website with new version 1.0.5 of this module and my sitemap.xml doesn't work anymore, when I launch http://www.fmmhindusociety.com/sitemap.xml, it give me 404 error so I reverted back to version 1.0.3 which work as expected. Hosting is on windows platform with godaddy, just for your info.
  11. Any good OOP in PHP with jQuery books to learn web application development?
  12. The statement you have wrote is wrong itself if you can make demo like the one you made yourself! Kudos!
  13. Looking great! Like it a lot. It's responsive (Bootstrap!)
  14. Still same. I already tried that approach to see if that make any sense but looks almost same.
  15. Can we have "Showcase" page on the main processwire website where we have collections of websites built using ProcessWire CMS? Also, add one showcase section on the homepage. Just my 2 cents.
  16. I really like the new design. It's modern, sleek and most importantly clearly stating all of the important features up front with try out demo download links. That is what most of every other CMS has it on their site to promote their CMS. Congratulations to Ryan and his team who work hard to make it happen. Just the small thing I have notice on the Chrome browser. Main features text is not showing up clearly (font is breaking up) on the Chrome browser. Please see attached snapshot and highlighted area. If I turn-off font-weight then looks much better. I would suggest to make a change since Chrome browser has gain lot of share in the market now-a-days. Without CSS modification:Original With CSS modification:Removed Font-Weight
  17. fmgujju

    Houghton Academy

    Excellent work. I am really impressed. I always wish to develop this type of website using CMS (ProcessWire CMS only). It would be great if we get some advanced level tutorial on ProcessWire.
  18. One more step you have to do. Go to Setup->Templates. Click on 'home' template. Click on 'Access'. Give the 'Edit Pages' access to the newly created role. You can also give other access if you wish as per the new role.
  19. http://www.fmmhindusociety.com/ This one is the first website I have created with ProcessWire for non-profit organization. As I have mentioned in my one of the post that this website is hosted under windows platform which has IIS7 as web server. Thanks for checking out.
  20. It's refreshing every 0.1 second. The page meta tag is as below on the cheatsheet: <META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0.1">
  21. Ryan, I have tested all your example links and no issues. I got 403 error on each of them so seems like no security holes. Thank you!
  22. Thanks spoetnik! I removed that line it worked great! I used IIS7 rewrite module. It's very easy, just import .htaccess file and it will create rules for you. Here is the walk-through http://www.iis.net/learn/extensions/url-rewrite-module/importing-apache-modrewrite-rules Non-profit charity wants to have their website and they already bought windows hosting package before come to me and I want to use ProcessWire because I really like the clean admin interface.
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