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  1. Thank you Bernhard - since Ivan also had the same experience, I will certainly think about making it shorter. With my mouse, or with two finger scroll on a macbook with chrome or firefox, it is really easy and short, but, yea, many desktop mouse-wheels will need a lot of scrolling so thanks for letting me know.
  2. Thanks again Ivan for you quick clarification! I changed the circle to text now, hope that is clearer. Unfortunately, all the mobile sims I have seen does not get it right. It should look ok on actual mobile devices running modern browsers. However, some of the phone makers own browsers can't deal with vh-viewport sizing, while chrome does. An example is that older Samsung phone's browsers don't get it right, while the new Samsung browser in galaxy 6 does - and chrome always gets it right. So time should work in favor of the site here – and the big ones should work (have not tried blackberry since it is so minute here in Scandinavia). To deal with all the different phones, I call different css:s for different phone-platforms. So hopefully it should look ok in most. This is a compromise since I could not keep the same look and feel if i did a normal responsive site like our regular business site linked above. Anyway, I am quite happy with this compromise given that I have seen scroll sites from very big corporations either mess up completely on most mobile platforms, or have a completely different "mobile site"-look. Hope that makes some sense.
  3. Thanks so much for feedback Ivan, I really appreciate it. 1) Yea, that is a problem with different scrolling devices, on some (like my mouse) it is just a few spins. Same on most two finger-scroll pads. So very hard to get it to work well for everything - if it is slow you can however always grab the scollbar so it seems better to make it work well for quicker devices. Granted, this is a problem for most if not all scroll-sites. A side note is that I will be sure let my colleague know he is now "the bearded businessman" - love that! 2) It bops a bit to indicate scrolling, and a lot of scroll sites go only with an arrow, so I did as well. Might change that for text though as I have felt it looks like a button too, or just remove it and hope people figure it out. 3) Hmm, I have not noticed that, will give it some more testing. The site is not fast though since I have gone with graphics that should look good in full screen on bigger screens, and I have not yet optimized for speed. For a more temporary I site of this kind, I may just leave it. The skrollr-scripts means I have to do a reload on resize though, that is unfortunate, but necessary for the page to look ok after resize. 4) Not sure what you mean here, would love to get some more info (or a screen shot).
  4. OK, so this is still not 100% ready, but as my second PW-project I have completed a showcase site for a new product of ours with the help of skrollr-script. Of course, the PW-administration of this site is not the main focus since this site is not expected to change much (it is a temporary thing), but it is still nice to just be able to turn the whole presentation site on and off with a checkbox (when unchecked, everything goes back to a normal site like our regular business site). The presentation site (note that it should be viewed in a large window on a high res desktop or laptop system to have the full skrollr-functionality kick in, also it will be turned off in Safari since their rendering of fixed position objects is so poor): www. tend for .com/en Our regular PW business site: www. rele vo .se/en Omit the spaces. Any feedback or pointers as far as improvements would be much appreciated!
  5. This appears to still be the case (tried updating to latest stable version and latest dev-version). It is a major issue since everything crashes as soon as I try to add another language. I can't reach admin and the site itself breaks. If you don't feel comfortable messing with the SQL-data manually, is there any idea how/if/when this might get resolved?
  6. Love the way it is presented on a large hi-res screen (2560*1440 in my case). I believe this is where web-design is heading and fast - the 960-gridders and templates are hopefully a dying breed over time, as the design does not look good even on the now default 1080p desktop screens, IMO. Great work - amazing objects and craftsmanship to display must have made it more fun to realize - and thanks for sharing!
  7. Love the look, very clean and nice, really good job!
  8. NoDice

    michael wessel IT

    Love the look! Will probably get some inspiration here as I continue to develop our site. Great work!
  9. NoDice

    Half way there

    Now also powered by ProCache - thanks a lot for your help with our quirky hosting environment Ryan! The work you put in on PW, and to help us get it to work to the fullest of its fantastic potential is nothing short of amazing! I would urge everyone that haven't already done so, to try this plugin, and in minutes release the speed potential of the sites we put so much time and effort into creating.
  10. NoDice

    Half way there

    Thanks for those kind words Ryan and Craig. Coming from you guys, it really means a lot to me, being an admin guy taking my first whack at this. And thanks a lot for taking another look at the texts Craig!
  11. Thanks for this tip! Used it on my first site (also put it in the Showcase section of the forum) and I love the responsive clean out-of-the-box design and zoom functionality. Only use it for news item pictures so far, but will find more use for it for sure.
  12. NoDice

    Half way there

    I have now gone "live" at the permanent address: re le vo DOT se/en (DNS may still not be updated from all hosts). Some items remain to be translated (like the banner texts and most of the news items) but since you asked before Craig; I would now be very happy about any errors or awkward wording that you may spot. Of course, a lot of work remain with this site (I have not yet done work on adaptation for old browsers and I hope to implement a lot of new content sections and functions) but even at this early stage, it would be great to know how you think the design, responsiveness and such work. Since I opted to go at it from scratch, without templates and such, feedback on stuff like that would be awesome. And thanks once again for all the valuable help from you, fellow PW:ers!
  13. Yea, Ericsson have already done the same, and is now all about their telecom network infrastructure, and I don't think they miss the phones much. Kind of like Volvo and Saab/Scania mother companies getting rid of the car divisions to focus on where they have actually made a lot of money over the years (trucks, buses and such). Could end up making Nokia much stronger over the long haul, let's hope so. I recently had the pleasure of playing golf with the guy who has had the Nokia distribution in Finland for many years. The last few have been tough, but I think he has seen enough sunshine to make it through a few rainy days without much sorrow.
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