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  1. Ok, now lets see what's in the Family settings in Home template. You have onecolumn and twocolumn templates selected in Allowed templates for children, right?
  2. Processwire is a gift that keeps on giving. Yup, that's the one.
  3. You can customize everything with bookmarks (Pages->Find->Bookmarks). Just select which fields you want to output. As for other solutions: if you want to see thumbnails in page tree, there's a module for that.
  4. What about a scenario when client upload a webp image (.webp renamed to .jpg)? I just had that case with one of my clients on pw 3.0.123. With processwire 3.0.123 I am able to edit and view the page with uploaded webp image. Only drawback: no thumbnails are generated. Now, reproducing that scenario with pw 3.0.141, whenever I try to edit or view a page containing uploaded webp image, I'm getting 500 internal server error. Tracy says: ProcessWire\WireException webmimage-9.0x260.jpg - not a supported image type Source file: File: .../dev/wire/core/ImageSizerEngine.php:574 574: throw new WireException(basename($filename) . " - not a supported image type"); Its the same error with either GD (2.1.0 compatible) or ImageMagic (6.9.4-10 Q16 x86_64 2017-05-23). PHP version: 7.2.22 ------ @Ivan Gretsky, I was able to convert your image to webp with GD and ImageMagic (libraries, php and pw version same as above). (blue background is from a css style)
  5. Good stuff. I don't want to sound like a broken record here, but there's another minor issue: Horizontal scrollbar now appears when content exceeds the viewport height. To my understanding this issue is connected to the 'pw' css class in html tag. It was ok in v0.5.4
  6. I might be cutting some corners here, but I'm just lazy. Tables.
  7. I think we might have a problem here, boss. Is login screen suppose to look like this in version 0.6.2? Version 0.6.1 looks ok (minus the notification bar covering input fields). I have the same results on two installments (pw 3.0.123, firefox 70 and Chromium) one was an upgrade from 0.5.4, second clean install.
  8. One of my sites is also on 3.0.123 and it's working correctly there. Try turning debug mode on, and see if any warning or errors pops out. There's no settings responsible for ordering items in repeater field iirc (besides hooks maybe).
  9. Shouldn't it be: foreach ($page->normal_days as $normal_day) { echo $normal_day->tables.","; } Also check: Repeatable Fields / Matrix Fields
  10. Can't you just use some css to achieve this? https://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/b/background-blend-mode/
  11. You could probably do that by using some hooks or by directly editing ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module (line: 930) https://github.com/processwire/processwire/blob/master/wire/modules/Process/ProcessPageEditImageSelect/ProcessPageEditImageSelect.module#L930
  12. I changed 2 lines in site/modules/TemplateNotes/TemplateNotes.module (starts at line 98) if(ProcessWire::versionMajor == 2 && ProcessWire::versionMinor <= 4) $form->append($tab); if(ProcessWire::versionMajor >= 2 && ProcessWire::versionMinor >= 5) $form->prepend($tab); to if(ProcessWire::versionMajor == 3 && ProcessWire::versionMinor <= 4) $form->append($tab); if(ProcessWire::versionMajor >= 3 && ProcessWire::versionMinor >= 5) $form->prepend($tab); Seems to be working on 3.0.40. Only glitch is the bottom Save button jumps above notes content.
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