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  1. I am really missing this module in version 3, are we any closer to an update? I am having to make do with Croppable Image 3, but the crop settings require both width and height values, not allowing either to be flexible.
  2. Thanks Horst Just tried it with a jpeg and it works a treat. Any plans to get this working for PNG / GIFs?
  3. I'm not sure if this is the intended functionality: When I click to edit a crop under 'predefined Crops', the overlaid 'marquee' always reverts to the far top left of the image, even when I move it around and click 'Crop and go'. I know the crop has saved correctly because I can hover the button and see a thumbnail appear.
  4. When using this module with PW 2.6.19 dev, if I uploaded an image then clicked to zoom before saving, I was getting a blank popup with the following error in the js console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'find' of undefined I tracked it down to the following lines in InputfieldCroppableImage.js magnificOptions = { type: 'image', closeOnContentClick: true, closeBtnInside: true, image: { titleSrc: function (item) { return item.el.find('img').attr('alt'); } }, I fixed the error by editing it to match the following lines in wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldImage/InputfieldImage.js var magnificOptions = { type: 'image', closeOnContentClick: true, closeBtnInside: true, /* image: { titleSrc: function(item) { return item.el.find('img').attr('alt'); } }, */ Horst, can you check this is correct and I haven't been a n00b?
  5. Whatever happened with this? I'm getting the same issue, been testing with superuser up until now so all worked fine. Now testing with a different role and I'm unable to access a custom page field in the user template. Edit: It seems to depend on the type of page field. I just changed to checkboxes and it works fine, still weird why it doesn't work with the other page field types.
  6. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Kongondo, I would be interested in beta testing this.
  7. This is brilliant! I've just started using Docker with a view to testing my PW sites locally, so this couldn't have come at a better time.
  8. I currently use a bespoke (non PW) system where outgoing emails are queued in a DB table, and a cron job sends the queue through Mandrill every 5 minutes. This method was originally used to eliminate the lag associated with sending through an external SMTP server, but actually having all emails permanently stored in the database offers loads of other unexpected benefits. I'm not sure how sending in this way could be best done in a PW module. I wouldn't like to leave it up to lazycron, so maybe the choice of immediate sending, or alternatively a cron job would need to be setup manually to fire a PW url every x minutes, which would be responsible for clearing the queue. I'm not sure the best way to illustrate a pagetree here, but I would actually envisage the top level being the email templates themselves, then the children being the outgoing emails, and the children of those being the actions captured from the webhook. The benefits from a module like this would be huge. Apart from just being able to see instantly which emails have sent successfully or not, a simple selector could show information like which is the most popular link in an email, or which emails aren't being opened at all. It's good to know the WireMail __send function is hookable, this should mean the internal emails sent from PW (eg forgotten password) could be intercepted and forced into the new Mandrill system
  9. Hi Craig I've actually been thinking about the same thing for a while. In my mind, one of the main benefits of the API over SMTP is the ability to setup webhooks to track actions against each sent email. Therefore I had envisaged each email first being saved to the pagetree before being sent. Then each action against that email (eg, open, click, bounce) to be captured and saved back to the pagetree as children of the sent email. I hope that makes sense. I've not tried your module yet, but I've had a look through your code and it all looks great.
  10. That would be excellent, thanks very much!
  11. Thanks for the replies, and thanks renobird, that's exactly what I want, except I want to be able to pass a selector instead of a text field
  12. A search didn't bring up any useful results. Anyone know of any modules which can output a tree as a javascript accordion?
  13. I have one central 'wire' folder, with multiple sites symlinking and it works great. I do the same with the site/modules folder, so all sites have access to the same modules. Something I've found: I have to SSH as root to create my symlinks, but then I need to chown them from root to the correct user or they won't work.
  14. This module works great, but does it have to completely overwrite the classes of the containing element? Can it not just append emo_email to any existing classes?
  15. Just noticed a small issue. If you use: $some_other_page->render(), any emails in the rendered code don't get de-obfuscated
  16. I've not tried this yet but it looks great! I've got a kind of multisite setup where the 'wire' and 'modules' folders are symlinks to a centralised installation. (each site has it's own database) Will this still work for such a setup?
  17. Can anyone recommend any good RSS or news feeds geared more towards new web services and APIs, rather than hardware and software packages?
  18. @Macrura, yes I mean coupons... Ideally I'd want the ability for the client to manage the functionality on the PW side as much as possible. If they (or I) have to log in to FoxyCart to manage the codes, it kind of defeats the object in my mind. The simple ability to apply (for example) a 10% cart-wide discount would be fine, but this doesn't seem to be possible without a lot of work. I think the best situation is as you described, where you manage the cart functionality within PW and just pass the final figure over to FoxyCart for processing. The only downside with this is you don't get such a nicely laid-out summary in the receipt email.
  19. @jlahijani and Macrura, have you had to deal with product discounts in FoxyCart? The main thing holding me back from using it more is their painfully complex and unintuitive discounting system
  20. alejandro, I have also done a Foxycart / PW integration. This took me quite a while to get my head around too. Quite simply, it doesn't matter which hashing method you choose in FoxyCart (I chose sha256) This was my setup: 1. customer registers in FoxyCart 2. customer pays and datafeed is sent back to PW 3. password in datafeed is already sha256 so I just create a new user in PW with the already hashed password. 4. new PW user is setup which has a password which is sha256 hashed THEN PW hashed. If you are setting up a login form where this user can login to PW, all you have to remember is you must sha256 the entered password, and use that in the $session->login call Hope that is all clear
  21. How about other custom options like 'minDate' Update... I've got the following JQuery solution working: <script type="text/javascript"> $('.InputfieldDatetimeDatepicker').on('focus', function() { $(this).datepicker('option', 'minDate', '+4d'); $(this).datepicker('show'); }); </script>
  22. Just to update: I update my wire directory to the latest dev and all seems fine now.
  23. I've tried that and still the same result This definitely worked before I upgraded my wire directory yesterday. I've made no other changes.
  24. Since upgrading to the latest dev branch, I can only login to the backend with a user having the 'superuser' role. To test this I created a new role: 'test' and ticked every box, giving it full permissions. I then created a new user with just the role 'test' and tried to login. I just get the error message: "TemplateFile: You don't have permission"
  25. I may be wrong but I don't think email is a unique field, so 2 (or more) users could potentially have the same email address.
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