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  1. PawelGIX, just to let you know I forked your repo in Github and added the functionality to handle edit cropimage thumbnails. The 'Edit in Pixlr Editor' function appeared to be broken in the latest PW so I added a fix for that too
  2. It's part of the core, so no question of it being stable. I've not had a chance to integrate it properly, but you can see for yourself in the ProcessForgotPassword.php it keeps you on the same page so in theory can be used in any part of the site.
  3. OK I feel like a n00b now! This simple bit of code seems to work anywhere in the front-end: if ($this->modules->isInstalled('ProcessForgotPassword')) echo $this->modules->get("ProcessForgotPassword")->execute(); Obviously it should be attached to a link and used in the same context as in the backend... but It generates the bare unstyled forms, and seems to handle all the functionality perfectly.
  4. What is the best way of interacting with an external API within ProcessWire: (in this case it's FoxyCart but it could apply to any external API) 1. Store API data (eg customers, transactions) as pages in ProcessWire. Pros: - Can take advantage of PW's admin interface and upcoming Lister module - Better performance/user experience Cons: - Setup time. - Duplication of data (will need to have processes to keep local/remote data in sync) 2. Just pull in the data to the site through the external API as and when it's needed. Pros: - Quick setup - Data stored in one central location Cons: - Cannot use much of the in-built ProcessWire functionality for viewing/managing data. - Potential performance degradation Any thoughts are welcome
  5. Thanks Marty I can see how that works, but I'm really not keen on outputting raw passwords to the screen or an email. I'd really like to be able to replicate the back-end 'Forgotten Password' feature somehow. I've had a look in the ProcessForgotPassword file and there doesn't appear to be anything too complex, I'm just not entirely sure how it's bound to the back-end login in such a way to be invoked from http://<hostname>/<admin>/?forgot=1
  6. I've got a login form working on the front-end of my site. Is there an easy to way to replicate the back-end 'Forgotten Password' feature to use in the front-end?
  7. joey102030


    Can't wait to try this out! How about an export to csv option?
  8. I know it is standard for a PHP setup to have a working mail() function, but I'm doing some work on a server where the local SMTP server has been disabled. While it's fairly trivial to set the SMTP server global variable to a remote server, it's impossible to setup authentication into the remote SMTP server. Therefore it would be useful to be able to hook into any functions which send email (eg forgotten password for admin login) and override it with phpMailer (or similar).
  9. Thanks Ryan That sounds sensible. I've expressed my love for ProcessPageSearch in these forums before... but seriously there is tonnes of potential to utilise the output in various ways, including datatables, charts, reports etc. I will get the csv output module I've created into a usable state ASAP.
  10. OK I've had a play around with this. I created a new module which extends ProcessPageSearch, but instead of outputting the results to screen they are outputted in .csv format to the browser as a downloadable file. All parameters are accepted in the query string, so the download could be a full URL linked from anywhere in the admin area (ie a custom page action) I'm new to module creation, so I'm not sure if extending a core module like ProcessPageSearch is a good idea as it could change in future releases. Maybe someone more experience could advise?
  11. Thanks for the replies I think this could work as a module. You would need to configure it at a template level with the fields you want to output, then in the list of page actions it could say something like 'export children as csv' (if there are any children)
  12. Is it possible to export pages to a csv file, in the same way you can import with this module? I couldn't find anything in the modules section
  13. And FieldsetTabClose obviously I'd like to add a tab and have it appear on all templates I create. The only way I can see to do it currently is to set the field as global directly in the database.
  14. Thanks apeisa I ask about the subscriptions because I've just finished a site (not in PW) which sells diet plans. The plans continue for x number of months, and after initial sign-up require a payment to be taken once a month. A lot of sites which sell a 'service' rather than a product will often require the payment to be a regular subscription rather than a one-off payment. Regarding the IPN, Paypal sends all outcomes to the same URL, so it would be useful if the method could decipher whether the payment was successful, cancelled, pending etc.
  15. Thanks for this apeisa Is this module able to handle subscriptions? Is the return URL able to recognise and handle the different 'payment_status' values in the IPN?
  16. @teppo: That is my understanding too. I would consider a true self-hosted solution one that needs to be DSS compliant. FoxtCart by it's very nature is not self-hosted, but your shopping cart page does not need to be hosted with FoxyCart, you have the option of simply calling-in data through ajax to your own self-hosted shopping cart page. @Macrura: I would question whether you even need a separate module for the shopping cart in that situation. At it's most basic level all you need to store in a session is a reference to a product and the quantity, the shopping cart page itself just displays this data. Of course it gets more complicated when you start adding discounts etc. I'd be interested to find out how you get on.
  17. FoxyCart can be as self-hosted as you want it to be, you would normally call the shopping cart data into your own site through ajax. But actually there's no reason to use their shopping cart service at all, you can simply create your own cookie-based persistant cart and pass all data to FoxyCart at checkout. Of course if you have an SSL certificate, are fully DSS compliant, and have a specific reason not to use a hosted solution then FoxtCart won't be for you.
  18. I've looked a lot into this also, and I agree the ProcessWire / FoxyCart combo seems to be the way to go. What people are forgetting is the ever-changing market of payment gateways. Anyone who builds a PW e-commerce module would have to keep these integrations up-to-date. FoxyCart already supports a decent number of these gateways, and makes customising the user-experience very easy indeed.
  19. I can now see ProcessPageSearch does exactly what I want with the following example: /page/search/for?parent=/&display=title+modified If called in with ajax it returns a JSON with: id, parent_id, template, path, name as standard, then whatever fields are specified in the 'display' parameter
  20. NooseLadder, I have a requirement for something like this. I've had a look at the different options for returning a JSON containing specific data, which could then be fed straight into a JQuery reporting plugin (eg dataTables). The problem with selectors is they don't allow you to specify which fields should be returned. I've looked at creating a specific page in the front-end which could take a selector AND a list of fields as a query string and just return a JSON, but I think this would be a massive security risk. I'm now looking into the possibility of creating a process in the admin based on ProcessPageSearch, which could accept a list of fields to be returned and return everything as JSON.
  21. Just a quick one. Is it possible to move my prependTemplateFile to a subdirectory with templates? setting $config->prependTemplateFile = 'includes/_init.php' doesn't work for me
  22. This is perfect, thanks so much! I can see from the documentation I can identify a page by name as well as ID, which will be useful for future projects where I can't be certain of the page ID.
  23. Thanks again Kongondo Yeh I can see how that could work. I'm guessing I could also assign the 'admin' template to the 'settings' page, then create a very simple module (eg. ProcessSettings) to effectively do the above. Although that's all a bit beyond me at this stage.
  24. Thanks Kongondo So, what would be the quickest route to achieve what I'm looking for? Creating a new module seems like overkill to effectively just swap a link around in the page tree. Would the 'Markup Simple Navigation' module give me the flexibility I want?
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