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[SOLVED] Pass data to custom user method


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I want to add a custom method to the user object and need to pass some data ( an array called $params) to the method when I call it.

I will call the method like this


The method takes that data and saves it to a user profile page.

Only I don't know how to pass that data to my custom method.

This might be a silly question. Please forgive me, but I am fairly new to OOP and PW modules/hooks development.

This is what I have so far (taken off examples from here):

    public function init() {
        // init() is called when the module is loaded.
        $this->addHook('User::saveprofile', $this, 'UserSaveProfile'); 

    public function UserSaveProfile($event) { //how to pass my $params array to this method 

        // Get the user object
        $user = $event->object;

        // get user data - this is where I am stuck 
        $userData = 

        //  condition and actions
        if($user->hasRole("frontend")) {
            //create and save user profile page

            $this->message("Userprofile page for user " . $user->name . "has been created");

I tried to find examples of how to do that but could not find anything related in the forum.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Thank you both, LostKobrakai and Soma !

I call my custom method with


and can access the data in my method with

$userData = $event->arguments(0);

PS: Missing the Solved Button

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I would like to mark this as solved. But the "Mark Solved" Button is missing.  I just used it on another thread of mine. But here it is not available. I opened the thread, so I should see this button?

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