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ImportPagesCSV add repeater field support? (got FieldtypePage)


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This works for me to support page references in Ryan's ImportPagesCSV.module, in function importPageValue:

elseif($field->type instanceof FieldtypePage) {
            $value = trim($value);
            if(wire("pages")->find("$name=$value")) $page->set($name, $value);

I need to also be able to import repeater fields though.. Anyone know how to do that?

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Good day, @hellomoto !

I seems kind of hard to map arbitrary amount of csv values to repeater item values. I am having hard time imagining how this could be done via GUI. Do you have an idea how this could be done universally UI-wise?

...But it is quite easy to do in a custom script. Looking at a piece of code you presented I am sure you can easily handle this ?.

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