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Moving site to new host with TAR backup


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I have PW sites and I need to migrate to a new host; the host is requesting that I create a TAR backup of a site.  I don't have experience with this.  Can this be done?  How would I begin?

Thank you in advance,


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They want you to create and upload a single TAR archive with the whole site? Do you have no FTP(ES) or SSH access?

You need to use a tar-archive software, what depends on your system where the site resides at the moment. (or you first download it from there to your local PC via FTP)

If you have a commandline util, google may be your friend to find the right params: https://www.google.com/search?q=tar+pack+directories+and+files

If you can use 7-zip, it lets you select from different output formats, including tar. (it seems to be mainly for windows but also has downloads for some linux distributions at the end of the download page)

Regardless of the tool, I think what is important is to check if the files and directories have the right permissions after unpacking at the new host, especially the assets folders!

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