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Paypal integration to Form Builder

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I'd like to know if it's possible for you to integrate Paypal to the Form Builder module. I'd like to use the Form Builder to build a paid job listing. Job submissions would be only published to the site after the payment via Paypal (standard checkout).

Could you tell me if this would be something you'd consider adding? That's the only thing keeping me from building this project with PW right now ;)

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You could create this functionality yourself without too much work.

I am not a form builder expert, but I have integrated PayPal into a manually created front-end form in PW. If you want to use FormBuilder I think you want to hook into:


Do you already have form builder and access to the VIP support board for it? There are a lot of posts over there about hooking into it and adding functionality.

Here is some info I posted about paypal integration with PW:


Using the IPN feature of PayPal to return payment success and then publish the page should be pretty straight-forward.

Let us know if you have any more specific questions once you get started.

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Hey adrian, nope I didn't purchase it yet.  Thanks for the tips.

Hmmm I'd have to check out if this IPN feature is available for the Paypal standard payments in my country..

I'm far from being a developer but I guess I'll try to build the form myself (using PW of course :))

Will search for some guides to get started... 

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Here you go:


Have a good read through that thread, create your form, have it process off to PayPal and then point Paypal back to an ipn.php file on your server that uses code based on: https://github.com/paypal/ipn-code-samples/commits/master/paypal_ipn.php

Just bootstrap PW into that file and after processing, remove the unpublished status from the page.

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