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How fast do you type? - Typing tutors


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Hello everyone! My name is Anna. I live in Ukraine. I love to read and travel, extreme and beautiful paintings.

I always wanted to learn fast typing. Just recently I started online lessons on several websites. Looks like i kinda improve my skills)

Here is my results -44 wpm( :rolleyes:


Here are a few sites that will help you type fast: 

/// links removed ///

And what is your typing speed?

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I apologize in advance if I judged you wrong but before this last post, you had 3 posts and neither of them about Processwire. We don't mind that you comment on other existing posts that are not related to PW, but I just can't let you open a topic with three links in it under these circumstances.

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Annakus you type faster then me. I see you type fast and like travel and extreme, you like lessons and wish to improve skills set. We look for these skill in our employees. Do you like restaurant business? Do you know how to make online menu with process wire? Are you interestad in restaurant career with many opportunity for right skill? We offer competative pays, weekly meat boats and more. I awaits your enthuestic response.


Roderigo Sosa

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