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  1. Moritz Lost maybe you should add discount coupon code available for process wire users ? or free trial opportunity for product you are selling
  2. May Lister be good for rapido online restaurant e-menu development ? We need option for user to see menu items with photo , description , price and to select many item they wish to order. Maryla can take order over phone and customer love services but some time we better should like user to check out online so it sends message direct to kitchen while Jeffry prepare queso frijoles, especial daily, chorizo fermentado, el stanko salchichón, meat boat, and other customer favorite. Most customer take out since covidiarrhea real concern here so we wish to improve our e-portal online menu. Greetings from home of Roderigo Kitchen, best wishes and thanking you.
  3. What dose it mean ? I have Roderigo kitchen page Should I no ? Maryla and Nudyia posts menu speciales to Fecebook thursday every week for friday cheese & bean bucket contest and saturday Roderigo refried surprise all-u can eat day. Would be safer to learn Tweeter or Lincoln instead ? Or maybe Jeffry must finish online menu in PW.
  4. I am desire to build on-line menu for my restaurant Roderigo Kitchen with reward coupon. Maryla and Jeffrey handle express order as they come in so you do not need to worry that. I see this textarillos and multipliers maybe good for on-line menu? Maryla also ask can it store price and photo to customer after order of daily special? Also Roderigo meat boat special this week only. Like Japanese bento boxo but all meat no veg and in special boat customer can take home and use in tub or use to drunk margarita. Can profielders help to show customer this kind special in on-line express menu? Thanking you, Roderigo Sosa
  5. Annakus you type faster then me. I see you type fast and like travel and extreme, you like lessons and wish to improve skills set. We look for these skill in our employees. Do you like restaurant business? Do you know how to make online menu with process wire? Are you interestad in restaurant career with many opportunity for right skill? We offer competative pays, weekly meat boats and more. I awaits your enthuestic response. Regards, Roderigo Sosa
  6. Would tHis could be good way to manage online menu for my restauranto Roderigo Kitchen? Maryla always yell we need online menu we need online menu now customer want to order online and pick up but many customer want pick up Marya she must know. I want customer to come to Roderigo Kitchen for food but want to keep customer happy but Maryla pastor Goodwin say no breast for customer anymore so business need online menu. I say we give customer special surprise after they yelp.com reviews for Roderigo Kitchen. Seem to me this flexibillie page design sound like let me you build menu no? Would cemente5 software be to look at well?
  7. Mr. Gazley Dark, I recognize from your picture, you eat at Roderigo kitchen Thursday? Glad you like special meat boat. Good to see a customer here. Maryla talk about you. You availiable for web designing?
  8. Mr. MadeMyday Are you still want to help Roderigo Kitchen with new online menu and Maryla express order? I have great rewards and coupons but have not heard. Thanking you, Roderigo Sosa
  9. roderigo

    Roderigo / Maryla

    Yes. But I do not know your email? Please send at kind convenience. I can write more about project. Thanks you. Company Spatchcock do menu design, Maryla take photos, I take photo of Maryla and I cook food. Roderigo Sosa
  10. roderigo

    Roderigo / Maryla

    Mr.Diogo I upload our new menu to page. Marilya have photo here but not after hours. If you like you send me private. Mr. Day kindly please see attach menu and if this something you can use for site design. Thanks you, Roderigo Sosa
  11. Hermoso! Would system like that work good for restaurant? My assistant and Maryla work to build multi media menu online but I like your better.
  12. Excellent Mr Diogo, thanks you. Company that design menu (Spatchcock) do web design and photography and Jeffry and I help develop. I will have look at the jqueery and UI dragpile. Many more question but customer here so will come back another soon. Cheers and thanks you, Roderigo Sosa
  13. Thank you my friends. I will consider this forum builder with Processwire to see. Let me tell you more what want to do. We want to have "new media" and "interactive". Customer will go to website and see menu: Then customer click on item to drag to sombrero: Customer click "check out" once fill sombrero with selecions. They put in email and submit. After submit, as special promotion, customer see "after hours" photo of Maryla as thank you screen. Customer pick up food in 30 minutos. Can forum builder handle this new media interactive? Jeffry says "flash" to use, but I read EXML is best and I know Processwire is good? Thank you, Roderigo Sosa
  14. Hello I am like processwire, nice family here welcome. Project I am working for my restaurant need online order system where customer select items for pickup. Don't need to payment, customer can pay at register in where Maryla can handle this . Customer select many of my food items, enter name/email and submit/checkout. Email go to Jeffry (Maryla's son my cook) and also to customer. Jeffry prepare order and 30 minutes customer may pick up hot and fresh food. Processwire good for setting this up it seems, but how best to start? Is there tutorial similar? Thank you, Roderogo Sosa
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