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A total beginners question ..

Grigorij Schleifer

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Hello processwire community, I am a total CMS beginner and I am trying to install processwire on my mac.

I have downloaded processwire using git and loaded the location, where the files where downloaded into chrome, safary or opened the location from the terminal. No installation guide startet. I just typed the directory location into the browsers url address bar and could see all the files that were downloaded. When I tried to open installl.php file, my browser just showed me the code.

I think I am missing something trivial. Do I need to install a specific PHP version and MySQL first? Or do I need to set up an Apache server first. 

I am very thankful for every suggestion/help I can get.

Thank you

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Hello @Grigorij Schleifer and welcome to the Processwire forums.

You will definitely need to install an AMP package on your mac before you will be able to run Processwire locally. (AMP = Apache, MySQL and PHP.) I personally don't use a mac so I can't advise you about the best option there - but hopefully one of our mac users will read this thread soon and join the conversation.

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I am watching an old (2013) youtube tutorial and the mentor is uploading the files to a remote server/site by using an FTP client. Do I need a web host server already set up for me to work with processwire or is there a way to start playing around with the software locally?

I am having difficulties understanding the following "Simply extract the ProcessWire files to an http accessible location and load the URL in your web browser"

Any ideas?

Thanks again

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