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2 hours ago, tcnet said:

There are not a single ERROR MESSAGE in your post! These are Warnings and Notices which you get when you run ProcessWire in debug mode.

And why they not appear? Because your ProcessWire DON'T run in debug mode.

Sorry about that! Yes these messages are not error messages. But when you open a page and see a few hundred warnings you can get a bit nervous ?

On my live site I don't get these messages at all, despite the debug mode set to off. So only my local environment causes the issue when there is no IP address assigned to my virtual host.

2 hours ago, tcnet said:

I made a change in line 389. It seems that getenv('REMOTE_ADDR') doesn't work with local IP addresses. Please upgrade to version 1.1.6.

Thanks for the fast help! I tried to upgrade via the PW upgrades module but this time I got a real error message:

Modules: Error upgrading module (ProcessPageViewStat): SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'IF NOT EXISTS usr int(10) unsigned' at line 1


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2 minutes ago, Stefanowitsch said:

I read the posts on the previous pages, it seems that more people have trouble with upgrading the module.

I will stick to the module as it is now. On the live site it runs fine and that is where the statistics do matter.

Which database you using?

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It seems that the upgrade function don't get called after an upgrade. This might be a bug in ProcessWire. This can lead to an error message ("Unknown column...") if you try to open the statistic page immediately after an upgrade.


There are two ways to avoid this error message. Click the "Continue to module settings" button directly after the upgrade


or open the Modules page and click the "Refresh" button.



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2 hours ago, tcnet said:

It seems that the upgrade function don't get called after an upgrade. This might be a bug in ProcessWire.....

This is really weird - I was just about to start typing a message into the forum about this. I'm working on a module where I cannot get the upgrade method to fire. I'll post separately rather than hijack this thread but glad to see it's not just me with this problem!

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8 minutes ago, eydun said:


Do you know why it logs visits to css-files?
(this entry is a real visit, and not a bot)


The module records requests which being processed by ProcessWire. Make sure if ".../zoomin.cur" exists. I guess not. This might be a 404. Check if you have "Record 404 pages" activated in the module settings. I guess you have.

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