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  1. @tcnet Is it possible to export to CSV not only by day but also for the views like "last 30 days" for the data it shows there?
  2. @tcnet As @kixe stated the "parseUserAgentString.php" is outdated and contains some bugs. One of our clients recently saw PHP notices coming from this file for Apple users using Safari browser. Apparently the Major & minor version were set but not the build, as such $t[2] was undefined. We fixed it by an extra isset(). Original: $browserVersion = $t[0] . "." . $t[1] . $t[2]; Fix: $browserVersion = $t[0] . "." . $t[1] .(isset($t[2]) ? $t[2] : '');
  3. It seems that the latest version links to the V1.0.0 zip file. Both from updating within module as the PW module page download button. I've downloaded the correct zip file from Github for now.
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