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  1. hello juergen, thanks for your quick reply! but with $form->setSubmitWithAjax(false); // can be true or false i get a server error 500 just while trying to open the page. oh, wait, updated FrontendForms 2.1.46 => 2.1.55 now i can call the page. on submit i get a success-message (instead of displaying the form again) on the home domain. but no change on the iframe domain. and if i try to watch the developer tool's network tab, it looks as if there is a XHR request followed by a reload of the page. is there a way to be sure to quit ajax calls? can i set a page to redirect to after form submission? btw: i had this setup before (calling a form from another domain managed by another CMS, which worked nicely) that's why i wonder if your module could handle things differently than the software before. all the best karsten
  2. hi juergen, is there an iframe-restriction on submitting a form? i have a form that is included in an iframe on another domain. but what works perfect on the main web does not work on the iframe domain. instead of getting the (ajax) success-message i just return to the form. and the form is empty again. any ideas about that? best regards!
  3. wonderful! any selection is possible without errors! thank you, tcnet!
  4. hi there i get a 500 server error when trying to switch to any other view ("Days of Month", "Last 30 Days" ...) than the initially displayed one. found an entry in exceptions: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'DESC LIMIT 1' at line 1 In /site/modules/ProcessPageViewStat/ProcessPageViewStat.module line 1693 any idea?
  5. here is a short update on the spam issue: the switch to reverse input of characters has brought peace: no more spam! hurray 🙂
  6. hi jürgen, put that reverse wording thingy in place. will report 🙂 all the best
  7. hello, does anyone have experience with this module on publicly accessible pages (i.e. not behind a login or something)? despite the honeypot, maximum failed attempts, minimum completion time and captcha, i still receive at least 3 spam emails a day.
  8. OT: That is one main point that attracted me. I've been working with Contao for years, but it's complicated in another dimension and very error-prone in setup and update when dealing with different customer environments. It consumes hours of my time in places I can't foresee. (but has a built in form builder 🙂)
  9. junge, wie genial!🙂 thanks a lot for your fast & brillant support! as a newbie i'm impressed by a community that seems to be not to big at first sight but is quick, friendly & helpful!
  10. ... nearly too easy 🙂 any chance to wrap the input field? and can i translate the wording? thanks for your patience & time, jürgen! all the best
  11. all right. then it was me looking in the wrong place. so the file's there and same as on github.
  12. thanks for your quick answer, jürgen! more than strange: the file was not even in the directory at all! usually i'd expected a 404 error. is the generated path correct? https://www.domain.de/captchaimage.php?formID=contact&cat=text&type=SimpleMathTextCaptcha best
  13. other question: h ow can CSRF be implemented in the form?c any help is apreciated
  14. ok, good to know! thanks for sharing! there are approximatley 100 documents and > 200 users. so i think i'm heading to the SQL solution.
  15. wunderful! thanks for the hint! that does the job exactly as otherwise done with SQL
  16. hello jürgen, thanks a lot for your work! while getting 5 spam mails during the first 12 hours of having my form online (even using honey pot option) i decided to enable a captcha. but that doesn't show! PHP 8.1.22 processwire 3.0.224 frontendforms 3.1.45 phpinfo(): GD Support enabled GD headers Version 2.3.0 GD library Version 2.3.0 FreeType Support enabled FreeType Linkage with freetype GIF Read Support enabled GIF Create Support enabled JPEG Support enabled PNG Support enabled WBMP Support enabled XPM Support enabled XBM Support enabled WebP Support enabled BMP Support enabled TGA Read Support enabled Directive Local Value Master Value gd.jpeg_ignore_warning 1 1 the HTML output is: <div class="form-control captcha" id="contact-captcha-inputwrapper"> <div class="image-wrapper"> <img class="captcha" alt="Captcha" src="/captchaimage.php?formID=contact&amp;cat=text&amp;type=SimpleMathTextCaptcha" id="contact-captcha-image"></div> <div class="reload-link-wrapper"> <a class="reload" href="#" title="Click to load a new captcha" id="contact-reload-link" onclick="reloadCaptcha('contact-captcha-image', event)">Reload image</a> </div><input id="contact-captcha" name="contact-captcha" type="text" class="input" required=""> </div> any idea? edit: an error 500 is reported for captchaimage.php
  17. thank you, bernhard, that was very enlightening! I think the third approach (with an own table) is the most suitable for me. i also understood better how i can implement such an approach.
  18. Hello all, I am thinking about the following requirement: there are documents (pages) and users. the user should now be able to mark a document as "read" by pressing a button. when he then calls up the document again, he finds a "read" marking - so he knows that he has done everything here. do i now create a new subpage via API, which only has the fields "pageID" and "userID" for that? and would that be an extra query on each page load to see if the combination of userID and pageID already exists to display a marker?
  19. thanks anyone and thank yout, robin s, that was the solution! plus i guess i spent some money on pro fields 🙂
  20. hi everyone, i'm pretty new to processwire and trying to figure out if pw is a replacement for contao in same use cases. so many interesting concepts - but still not to easy to set up a page with sections and all that 😞 anyway: i am able to output all children of a given page by their template: // only templates starting "section_" $tpls = $templates->find("name^=section_"); foreach ($page->children("template=$tpls") as $child){ $content .= $child->render(); } these children were insertet by a pagetabel field and they are rendered as expected. if i try to do that using the pagetable object, it does not work: if ($page->pagetable) { foreach ($page->pagetable as $pt) { $content .= $pt->name .'<br>'; // works $content .= $pt->id .'<br>'; // works too $content .= $pages->find('id=' . $pt->id)->render(); // returns a formatted link ... ?! } } surprisingly that only give's me a link to the child page instead of display it's contents. anyone to guide me... ?
  21. hi aComAdi, how did you solve the problem? running into this... some years lager 😐
  22. hey kaz, how did you solve that error? i ran into the same issue today.
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