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Tina - not sure which links you mean? They should all be up top if we're talking the links in the light-blue section, or other links are at the very top on the dark bar above that. I just checked the old template against the new one and don't see any missing links.

I'll attach a screenshot. The green arrow points to the area in question. There is a down arrow beside my username that looks like if I hover or click I should see more options. I feel like this was the functionality before. I was able to easily get to Content I Follow and my notifications I think from this area. There is no longer any functionality when clicking/hovering (can't remember which it was) in that area. Finding the Content I Follow is less intuitive now because it is not as easily accessible.


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Thanks again for being great. 

Same to you with bells on :D

Luis & Tina - might be a cache issue? Try a few CTRL & F5's to see if it sorts it please as there was an issue yesterday briefly when a lot of people were online that I fixed.

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Luis - can you refresh again? I think there's a caching issue but I might have solved it this end (the JS cache now has a different hash in it).

Oddly though I didn't see the problem in same version of Opera on Windows 8 here.

Nico - yep - that's on my list. My local copy was a bit older than the current theme so I'll match that at some point.

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Fixed another issue with not being able to see quotes or code blocks when editing - now you can see them which makes it easier to edit them.

Note for all: Use the quote or code buttons in the editor as they're the best way of adding either reliably. They've improved them in this version. Heck, even code indents work with them ;)

EDIT: Nico - I fixed the nav colour to match the site too.

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