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Cannot add new pages with permission page-edit-created


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I have a user role employee with the permission page-edit-created. This user role has access to add new pages to the template posts with the template post.

  • The template posts should have children with the template post.
  • The template post should have the parent with the template posts.

Now every time I try to add a new page with the template post, an exception throws:

You don't have access to the template required to add pages here

Is this a bug in this permission or have I not configured the permissions correct?
Is there a hook to allow to add pages to the template posts for the role employee?

I would appreciate some help. 😀

Regards, Andreas

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Hello @elabx,

I haven't but adding it makes no difference.

I reproduced it on a fresh installation and either I am misunderstanding the concept or this a bug. 😉

I have created an issue on GitHub to be sure.

Regards, Andreas

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