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"Permission “page-sort” for template “ ... ” not allowed (requires “page-edit” permission)"


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"Permission “page-sort” for template “ ... ” not allowed (requires “page-edit” permission)"

– This lovely error message is thrown at me, if, as implied by it, I try to add (to my "editor" role) the permission "page-sort" for a specific template, without the permission "page-edit" enabled for the same template.

Seems like it's been mentioned a few times before but never properly answered, by e.g. @Robin S ... :  

"Allow the granting of page-sort permission independent of page-edit"https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/29



Why do I wanna do this?:

I have a page tree structure  ?  as so:


Category [C1]

  • – Page a [C1_p]
  • – Page b [C1_p]

Different category [C2]

  • – Page c [C2_p]
  • – Page d [C2_p]


The page "Category" has the page-template "C1",
the pages "Page a" and "Page b" both have the page-template "C1_p".

The page "Different category" has the page-template "C2"
the pages "Page c" and "Page d" both have the page-template "C2_p".


The two pages called "Category" and "Different category" do not have any content, they only serve as containers for pages belonging to that category.


I want my "editor" role not to be able to do anything at all with these pages "Category" and "Different category"; i.e. I do not want my editor to be able to edit, move, unpublish, hide, lock, delete (or do anything else to) these category pages. 
– So, I want my "editor" role to have the "page-edit" permission for pages with the templates "C1_p" and "C2_p", but not for the pages with the category templates "C1" and "C2",

Also, I want my "editor" role to be able to move the pages with the templates "C1_p" and "C2_p" within their parent-pages. 


But if I just simply add the "page-edit" and the "page-move" permissions for the "C1_p" and "C2_p" templates, then, using the "editor" role, I am not able to move these "C1_p" (and "C2_p") -template-based pages. I can actually click "MOVE" next to them and then move them, but... then I will be met by the error message "You do not have permission to sort pages using this parent - /Category/".  
– So, I try to add the "page-sort" (description: "permission to sort child pages") permission to the "C1" and "C2" templates... but then trying to do so I am met by the initially mentioned error message   ! Permission “page-sort” for template “C1” not allowed (requires “page-edit” permission)  

And, as mentioned, I do not want my editor role users to be able to edit these category ("C1" and "C2") pages...

– what to do about this? ? 


All the best,

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