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Best module in 2020


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Hi all,

I've been practicing with Processwire. I was wondering at the moment what were the best modules to realize my project.
I would like to ask your advice for the following problems:

  1. multi-language (for now i use: Languages Support, Languages Support - Fields, Languages Support - Page Names, Languages Support - Tabs)
  2. contact form (Form Builder?)
  3. form inside a product sheet (Form Builder?)
  4. seo tool for page (title, description, opengraph, json ld, ecc)
  5. meta data management for images (e.g.: image's tag "title" in the gallery developed with a Repeater)
  6. associations (intended as the best module to create associations for example between product and categories or tags)
  7. cache + css-js minify tool (ProCache ?)

ps: I checked some posts in the forum but I found very old posts so I wonder if there are any new ones introduced over time.

Thank you in advance, have a nice day!

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Exactly what @flydev ?? said, but for 5.) you alternatively may use core image fields with the lately added functionality of adding custom fields to them. So it depends on how you want to structure that part.

And additionally, also if you haven't asked for it yet, but maybe the question arises later:



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