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  1. Hello to all. Thanks a lot for your replies. I will have a look for each this evening and tell you which one would be the best solution for me
  2. Hi Folks, I am lost and stuck ! I like to setup several domains with ProcessWire - MultiLanguage. All Pages should have the same basisconfiguration and Fieldsets. Its a messy job to setup each domain manually, so my idea was to develop a module , which setup my basis templates + fields + fieldsettings (visuality / dependencies / fieldsets) automatically. But I have no idea how to start and what to start with. All modules I looked at, mostly do something for front-end jobs. But this is an install-module. How to create a module which: create fields and fieldsets a
  3. Hi Folks, I like to develop a Backend Module with extra tabs and nested fields. Is there any Example Code for my Idea ? The Module should create new fields, a new Tab and several fields on it. AND... Last but not least the fields depend on each other by rules like "if checkbox $a then unfold area with Textfield 1+2 " If someone have a snippet for me to learn ... it would be soooo great. Thanks. Michael
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