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Hi Guys, 

I am new to processwire. I have to move a proceswire web to another server. How do i do that??? copying all the files doesnt seem to do the trick. I am presented with a very very old version of the website. What do I do wrong??

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You also have to edit your site/config.php, mainly the database credentials and perhaps the allowed $config->httpHosts array. You can temporarily set $config->debug to true, to see error messages, should they occur.

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8 hours ago, henri said:

Changed all the things you all said but I got a site (http://www.witteneushoorn.nl ) that doesnt  even look like the original (www.livius.org )

I dont even know where this data comes from??????


You linked to two completely different codebases:

The "original" looks ProcessWire based:


while this one is a table based – just look at the htlm source – oldschool site:


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@henri This is unrelated to processwire.

There are many possible reasons why it doesn't work. We can't know what it is by the little info you provided nor is this the place for this questions.

Ask your hosting provider if they can help you move the site, or search for guides on how to move a site to a different host.

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unrelated to proceswire? Copying to a new host IS related to processwire i think. My hosting provider isnt going to help me. Ok I will search for guides, but I you all do not know, I dont think I will find a better place..

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Your problem is unrelated to PW.

You can read here how to move a PW site, but the steps apply to most CMS's, just step 5 is specific to PW in that the file name and its location differ from cms to cms. That's why i said it's unrelated to PW, there is nothing special about moving a PW site compared to moving any other site.

23 minutes ago, henri said:

My hosting provider isnt going to help me

Have you actually contacted them?


And as I said before no one can help you with the little info you provided. What kind of hosting do you have (shared, vps etc)? Do you have a control panel? Do you have phpmyadmin? Who handles your domain?

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thanks for the link fbg13... I believe I did all that but it couldnt hurt to do it again step by step. And: no i havent asked the hosting provider but I believe/know he doesnt know anything about processwire. You all do!

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Your problem is not with PW since you're not even reaching PW, from what you said. Your problem is most likely with pointing the domain to the new server.

So take it slower, instead of moving PW just put a index.html (this eliminates most steps) file on the new server and try to access that. Once you reach that index.html start moving PW.

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