How To Remove Breadcrumbs & modify Headline ?

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To remove the breadcrumbs, and change headline and browser title:

$this->addHookBefore('Process::execute', function (HookEvent $e) {
    /** @var Process $process */
    $process = $e-object;
    if ($process != "ProcessModule") return;
    $e->wire('processHeadline', 'asd');
    $e->wire('processBrowserTitle', 'asd');

You can't really remove headline and browser title, because admin theme defaults to page name if it doesn't exist.

// AdminThemeDefaultHelpers.php

 * Get the headline for the current admin page
 * @return string
public function getHeadline() {
    $headline = $this->wire('processHeadline'); 
    if(!$headline) $headline = $this->wire('page')->get('title|name'); 
    // ...

 * Render the browser <title>
 * @return string
public function renderBrowserTitle() {
    $browserTitle = $this->wire('processBrowserTitle'); 
    if(!$browserTitle) $browserTitle = $this->_(strip_tags($this->wire('page')->get('title|name'))) . ' • ProcessWire';
    // ...

But you can set it to a unicode space character, like &nbsp; which works well enough.

$e->wire('processHeadline', "&nbsp;");
$e->wire('processBrowserTitle', "&nbsp;");


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