Admin doesn't really function without js

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PW Admin doesn't really function without javascript, and my question would be, should we care?

I think, however, either way it might be nice to add a "<span>Javascript doesn't seem to be available, therefore you may not be able to access the full functionality of the admin</span>" somewhere maybe?

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pw needs javascript all over in the admin so there's no way to make it work without.

i agree it would be nice to add a warning. the login screen would be a nice place. you could do a PR and add some warning here that would be hidden via javascript and therefore only visible to clients without javascript.

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8 hours ago, benbyf said:

PW Admin doesn't really function without javascript, and my question would be, should we care?

I would say that it's been many years since developers had to worry about a site not working without JS. Back in the early 2000's it was considered evil and we did all sorts of things to avoid using it (and to make sure we used graceful degradation techniques), but these days there aren't many sites that you can use without it even on the frontend, so expecting it for the backend of a site shouldn't be an issue at all anymore. 

Facebook does this:


but you guys should take a look at the old "" site with javascript disabled - it looks ancient :)

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i totally agree. i don't think it's necessary, but i think it would be nice to have a warning on the login site. a simple noscript tag could make things clear and save us from support-requests like "hey, my admin tree does not show up" where one's first thought could be a permission problem or the like...

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