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Noob - Quickest way to create a site like the demo?

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I'm brand new to ProcessWire and I found it when searching for a CMS to create my web site.

The reason I'm interested is because I want to create a site which is exactly like the Skyscrapers demo site, but with different content obviously.  I like how the site is formatted and the search options box, the summary list and detail pages, and the map.

What is the quickest and easiest way of setting up a page like this with my own variables, enter my own records and have it formatted just like that demo page with the menu options, sorting and search options?  I've had a look at the Tutorials page, but I can't see anything this specific.

Thanks for your time & help!

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You can download the source code for the old skyscrapers demo


Then extract site folder beside wire/ and other site profiles. Then perform setup and check out templates, fields, how PW works. Once you get the hang of it, replace the templates with modern v2 version.


If you have any questions, ask away

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Hi Abdus,

Awesome, thanks for the fast and detailed reply.  

I hope it's as easy as it looks to set up such a cool site.  

I've tried this with WordPress and I'm so frustrated.

You shouldn't have offered to answer all my questions!! ;)  I'll be back!!! :D

Thanks again!!


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@ComputerKid the SkyScraper profile is what several persons (including me) used to disect the code and find out about the power of PW Api. Please, do yourself a favor and do not just install the profile, but have a look "under the hood" and try to assimilate what, how, why etc. I can guarantee you that quite soon you will realize that Wordpress has also nothing comon other than being developed under PHP ;) I worked myself on Wordpress for quite a few users (as an end user) and was not even able to edit some scripting parts to add custom fields etc. Now with PW in zero time I started developing my own theme with quite extensive functionality. And there is so much more to improve my coding skills, so just search the forum, search in google for ProcessWire and you will be more than good to add what is needed to your website ;)

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Is there a way to install skyscraper on processwire 3.0? I didnt get it with the profile... Can someone help? :)

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Hi @Robin S,

Thanks for the quick help. I love processwire and did a few sites with it. Need an advanced profile to look on code and learn! :)



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On 27.3.2018 at 8:12 AM, redpanda said:

Need an advanced profile to look on code and learn! :)

Hi, there should also be a site profile in the directory called "blue vr" or alike. This is inspiring too. 

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