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Wishlist: Select pages by thumbnail

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Like others here, I build sites that require reuse of images. In my case, the images must always be accompanied by correct credits and descriptions, and must be replaced sitewide when our contract with the photographer ends. So centralized image storage is a must, and one page per image works fine. The challenge is selecting image pages from other pages in an easy, visual way.

Soma's images module is a great move in that direction, but for my needs, users should work only with thumbs, never with HTML.

The default pages field seems like it's allllmost there. I'd just like one of the field label choices to be the image field, and to choose a page by thumbnail. Ideally, the thumb will be shown on the page after selection, as it is with the images field. Even more ideally, the page picker will include search. Even even more ideally, I'd have the time and php chops to build this module myself.  :)

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making a page select field display as thumbnails should not be too hard to do: http://rvera.github.io/image-picker/

but that's only good for few images. if you have lots of pages to select it would get trickier :) and even trickier with an autocomplete field...  not much help from my side, i know ;) good luck

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Very cool plugin! I suppose it could also be a button launching a modal window (as in other CMSs), so there would be more real estate to work with images, including search and pagination.

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take a look at image list label to get thumbnails in the pagetree....so this thumbs are shown also in the pagefield select...



some hints to change the image select to a central parent where all subpages are images (usefull if you choose images in WYSIWYG)


a little project with some details (at the end of the post you see a pagefield select and the custom adminpage with pagetree with only the images with thumbs)


On some little projects i'll stick to central imagemanagment - but on most sites i've adapted the PW way to connect images to pages...

But it's all your choice just some hints to may a easy solution.

Best regards mr-fan

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I have been working on a commercial module that does exactly that (minus the thumbnails in the selected pages list). It is nearly done. A few things remain, such as the CSS. See screenshot below for a (unfinished-state) preview. I will try post a video demo later today. I'll be looking for beta testers so might PM you if you are interested.



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The Select All / Unselect All links are a bit strangely positioned. Maybe they could be buttons in the same row as the bottom pagination, but floated to the left.

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...........A few things remain, such as the CSS. See screenshot below for a preview.

The Select All / Unselect All links are a bit strangely positioned. Maybe they could be buttons in the same row as the bottom pagination, but floated to the left.


That's what I said (sort of) in my post :-);) . CSS not nearly done (the links, the page title, etc...)  :-X. Went with your suggestion though, thanks.

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I have also been thinking the same thing recently - that it would be nice to have a visual way to browse the Page field. After discovering the excellent "Page Field Edit Links " module (which I think was added to the core in 2.6.17??), I have been using the Page field to manage a shared collection of media assets (videos, images and documents). With the additional "Page Field Edit Links" module, it allows the users to search, add and edit media from the the shared collections without leaving the page. The only issue is that it's text search only - a thumbnail would be very useful here for searching, and then to show what was selected. 

Also an icon or a custom image would be nice to distinguish between different page templates (videos, images, documents etc,). The Select2 jquery plugin has some examples of this:


If the Page field can be extended to include more custom content (like images and icons), I am thinking it might be a good solution for a simple  "content block" type setup. I am currently using the PageTable field for a "content block" type setup - it works well, but it has some user experience issues that I think the Page field would avoid.


could you explain a bit more what you module does?

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