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Cheatsheet update


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Hi Forum,

I recently had a chat with a friend who was introduced to PW by me. He said: "brilliant cms, poor documentation." His comment makes me think about the cheatsheet: While we see new API methods introduced at a very fast pace, the cheatsheet doesn't seem to keep up. That's sad, because it's such a good resource.

So, how can I (as a user with very limited PHP skills) help to update the cheatsheet? Is somebody skilled willing to team up with me - as kind of a supervisor - for the update tasks? Or are there any plans on behalf of the team to update the cheatsheet?


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A better documentation would be great, but it will be hard to keep it up to date manually. It should be generated (apigen, api variables, cheatsheed, captain hook) and available for stable and dev branch.

But I don't know how complex that would be...

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