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  1. Hi! I´m trying to edit the ProcessPageEdit for hide the tabs "Childrens, Setup, Delete, View" if user dont have X permission. My client doesn´t need these tabs. Any ideas?.
  2. I'm signed-in as admin with guest, superuser roles, but cannot edit any content within Body or Sidebar. This is despite the Access page apparently showing I have permission to do all this. I'm really keen to get started with PW, but this is extremely frustrating.
  3. For some reason when a non-superuser has access to modify users it does not show the Content and Delete buttons (tabs) when editing a user. Is this intended? And what would be the easiest way to re-enable this? Thanks
  4. I've a site with different sections. Each user is assigned to a section and each section has an editor. I want those editors to be able to modify the users that are assigned to their section. I tried hooking into ProcessUser::execute but I'm not sure how to filter the 'pages'. $this->addHookBefore('ProcessUser::execute', $this, 'modifyuserpagelist'); In what way am I able to modify the User List?
  5. what I need to do is add <a href="javascript:pixlr.overlay.show({image:'path/to/image.jpg', title:'image name'});"><img src="path/to/image.jpg" width="250" height="150" title="Edit in pixlr" /></a> around any images that are uploaded. So when you have an image in the admin side it can be edited via pixlr. I have successfully loaded the required scripts that this requires but need to know where to add the href wrapper (see above) if I can call it that.
  6. I often try to edit a page by double-clicking on it's title in the tree. Intuitively. I think that would be a nice benefit for clients editing many pages.
  7. Often deal with alot of differing fields on a edit page and was wondering if it would be possible to get a way of grouping fields within a template. E.g. title and body fields open, extra options group of fields closed containing other page fields, date, summary, etc etc
  8. Hello, After reading through all documentation and seeing some vidoes I just started using ProcessWire. I have tried lots of other cms's but never find this combination of ease of use and possibilities. I had now problem getting a first testsite working (using Artisteer for a design). I just used the example site that comes with the download and added new header and footer templates plus a new page template to try. But one thing is different in my just created site: Where on the already available pages there is an Edit button in the lefttop corner showing just "EDIT", on my new page it's
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