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  1. Ah yes, now it works. I didn't realize you had to save the other page. Thanks!
  2. I have a page that has a field that contains a page. How do I use the API to update a page select field in the page's page? Example: User page has field "member" which points to a member page. Member page has field "gender" which points to page for selecting gender. How do I change the page the gender points to from the user page? I've tried $user->member->gender = 123; where 123 is the new page ID. Also, $user->member->set("gender", 123); Both of these seem not to work.
  3. I am looking to create a multiselect field that allows a user to select some PicasaWebAlbums on the admin side of PW. I know how to get the PicasaWebAlbums list and all, but it requires PHP. I also know how to make a multiselect field the Page input type and defining which parent holds the select options, etc. What I do not know is how I can create a custom multiselect field that is generated via PHP. For example: I have a list of albums from PHP (these are not actually what I have but you get the point): - id: 1000, title: Album 1000 - id: 1004, title: Album 1004 - id: 1008, title: Album 1008 - id: 1005, title: Album 1005 - id: 1003, title: Album 1003 How do I make a multiselect field where the options are: <option value="1000">Album 1000</option> ... etc ... Is this possible? Do I have to make a module? Point me in the right direction
  4. Hello! I'm just starting off. Is it possible to have a somewhat dynamic edit area for a page? I would like the area to have fields that correspond to the children of the page. Each field is the same, but the number of them is the number of children. For example, these pages: ---Resources ------Bob ------Bill ------Joe ------Kevin Then, on the edit screen for "Resources," there would be a section for each person. If I deleted a child page, person, then the section would get deleted. Is this possible with PW? Or should I rethink my approach? Thanks!
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