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  1. it must be something like this. we have not had this problem before. The thing is that the server is already set to imagick. So I guess there is no other way but to fix the images accordingly. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi Horst here the images. Left original, left cropped
  3. Hi I have a very strange error in one of my installation. Transparent png's are being added a white outline on resized images. We crop the image with width only like $image = $image ? $image->width(400)->url : ''; I am a bid lost here. Anyone having the same issue? PW 1.0.174 PHP 7.4 Your help is much appreciated!
  4. Hi Adrian thanks for your quick reply. I will check that and let you know. You are right, why ever this was active. Thanks again!
  5. Hi all I have a strange error with Tracey Console. Whenever I try to use the console I get this error E_CORE_WARNING: Module 'sqlite3' already loaded on line: 0 in Unknown That even happens with a simple echo 'test'; PW Version 3.0.170 Tracy 4.21.49 A hint is much appreciated.
  6. when you call the page with those # it opens the correct page. The Problem is, that they copied all those links with the # and use them in the CRM. So when they generate Quotes the link to this pages form a generated PDF Quote. Therefor it would be helpful if we could remove this particular part %23prodDescription of the url, then the Link would work perfectly. Else you just get an 404.
  7. sorry you're right they got to the browser as %23prodDescription. So we would need to strip %23prodDescription this.
  8. Hi Folks I wonder if I could strip with Jumplinks from certain URL's like https://www.site.com/de/produkte/kuehlgeraete-fuer-schaltschraenke/kg_4304/43042001/#prodDescription just the last part #prodDescription. Could also be a general thing, that whenever this #prodDescription appears, it would be removed. The client uses those links into a tab on an other System, which means there would several hundert links to be changed. Your help is much appreciated!
  9. Hi @teppo are you considering adding support for ProFieldTextArea to Version 2? Right now we can only see that something inside the whole Field changed, but not exactly what. We would really appreciate this feature. We could also consider funding this change!
  10. Hi Teppo I am not talking about a module History. If I am not mistaken, VersionControl puts a table at the end of the page, see screenshot, where it adds the revision number, the author, Changes, Timestamp and Comment. is that not correct? This entries we also found in the database, in the VersionControl Tables.
  11. Hi all in History, when editing a ProField Textareas, it only adds the name of the Textarea (Prodspecs) that was altert, but not the Fieldname (Voltage) inside the Textarea that was altert. That does not really help. It would be great if it would also name the altered Field name. We then changed a Field (Voltage) and saved it, content was added. then clicked restore version on a previous version of that Textarea (Prodspecs), what deleted all entries inside Textarea (Prodspecs) and not the Field (Voltage). Don't really know why this happens, but a hint on how to fix that, or even having a look at the module itself would be of great help!
  12. Hi Adrian 
    sorry to bother you directly. I need to create a page reference field with country names in a multi lingual environment. I have no problem to create child pages inside countries, but only in the default language. Is it possible, to create and fill the title field with the appropriate language, let's say in german (default) and english with batchChildEditor. Somehow I am stuck here.

    Really appreciate your help in advance!

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    2. bbeer


      Adrian, you talk about the BCE in the repo right. I will have to have a look at that in the morning, now on the run. I let you know. Thanks so much for now!

    3. adrian


      Correct - it is the published version - seems to work fine here.

    4. bbeer


      just did the import this morning. All works well!

      Thanks a lot! Have a great Weekend!

  13. Hi all I would like to use this field with Formbuilder but somehow don't manage to add that. Is it possible to use this with Formbuilder?
  14. Hi adrian sorry for the late reply. Well the problem was not directly that the page itself was listet. We output information from the page, if not there we check in the pages parent field for the content. The problem was, even though the page was in the trash, the values where still taken from that page, and not from the new, actually copy of that page. As soon as the trash was emptied, the problem was solved. Excluded the the trash now from the query, so hopefully we won't have that kind of occurrence again.
  15. Thanks kongondo that did the trick!
  16. thanks a lot will try that right away!
  17. Hi all would need to exclude children of the trash to appear in queries. Tried it with ("parent!=49") where parent id is the trash. Does not work with find nor get. Your help is much appreciated.
  18. you're right! Tried to remove the cover over the link and make it smaller, so that one could click the Icon as well as the link. Somehow that did not work.
  19. Hi 3fingers I think I best give you the link to the page. Here http://trueart.ch/dev/ Thanks a lot in advance! My code looks like <div id="offcanvas-nav" uk-offcanvas> <div class="uk-offcanvas-bar"> <?=ukNav($home->children, [ 'divider' => true, 'depth' => 2 ])?> </div> </div>
  20. Hi I am using Ryan's UiKIt template in one of my Sites. I use Offcanvas nav bar as mobile navigation. Somehow I don't really manage, that parent links are working. When clicked they just open the tree of children, but the link is not active for navigation. Has anyone an idea of how this could be solved? Your help is much appreciated.
  21. Problem solved, it is Version Control that creates this problem. will no update and then try again to install version control.
  22. on any page in the tree, as soon as I click edit, I get that error message.
  23. I investigated a but further. The only thing I really can't edit, are content pages. I am a bid confused here. Not sure if an update is smart if I have limitations. No one any idea, what this error could mean?
  24. Hi all in one of my PW installations (Version 2.5.22) I get following error I can't change any of the pages, all I get is a blank page. I have no idea what this could be. Thanks for your help.
  25. Hi Diogo , Lost Koprakai, thanks Diogo, your solutions works, as usual. @Lost Koprakai this is my original code. $events = $page->events; foreach($events as $event){ $programm = $event->file ? "<br /><a href='{$event->file->url}' title='{$event->file->name}' target='_blank'>{$event->file->description} herunterladen</a>" : ""; $content .= "<div class='event'>"; $content .= "<h2>{$event->firstname}</h2>"; $content .= "<p>Datum:"{$event->zeit()}"; $content .= "<br />Zeit: {$event->zeit}"; $content .= "<br />Ort: {$event->sirname}"; $content .= "<br />{$event->summary}"; $content .= $programm; $content .= "</p></div>"; } I will look into your proposal as well. Thanks a lot.
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