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  1. I am using the field type image and resize the image like <?php if($page->images) { $options = array( 'cropping' => 'center' ); if(count($page->images)) { $images = $page->images; foreach($images as $i) { $thumb = $i->size(150, 100, $options); $alt = ''; $caption = ''; if($i->description) { $alt = $i->description; $caption = $alt; } else { $alt = $page->title; $caption = ''; } echo "<div class=\"sideGallery\"><a href='{$i->url}' rel='shadowbox[gal]' title='$caption'><img src='{$thumb->url}' alt='$alt' class='colorboxThumb'></a></div>\n"; } } }?> these images get a heavy blur. Is there a way to prevent this? Your help is much appreciated!
  2. we are running a PW site in a corporate environment. the client now want's to add engineers to maintain their products. I don't really like the idea of so many people having access to the backend. I know you can set permissions to templates, but is it also possible to have them on page or page id level? Your help is much appreciated.
  3. Solved this is a nasty one. When the FieldsetTapOpen is set to "collapsed only when blank", you can't access any fields inside this fieldset when creating a new document.
  4. any one please? all those fields remain collapsed even when clicked. Thy change to active in color but won't open at all.
  5. I am looking for an experienced PW / PHP Developer for a longterm business partnership. I would prefer if you speck (ment speak) german, but english is ok as well. There is one main Project open but others to come. Please PM me if interested.
  6. I have a strange problem with fields inside fieldsetTab. They remain collapsed and are not editable. Weird is that this only happens in new pages and also not in every tab. This is in PW 2.4 Your help is much appreciated!
  7. Thanks teppo the problem disappeared again. They are somehow configuring on and off that server. thanks again.
  8. Hi all I have problems login into PW getting this massage. Unable to generate password hash This installation is on a win server, can't set any permissions on folders there. Your help is much appreciated.
  9. great, a lot better readable like this. Thanks again.
  10. Adrian thanks a lot, perfect!
  11. Thanks Adrian I think I need it the other way round I get page 1114 and want to output it in 1010, 1011, 1022 the template is used for many page but I want to output downloads on some of them.
  12. Hi I like to output a page in several other pages I can call the content in a single page but I'm stuck with multiple pages. <?php $downloads = $pages->get("1114"); if ($page->id == '1011'){ echo "$downloads->body"; } ?>
  13. Thanks a lot looks so easy if one knows! Really appreciate your help!
  14. I really have another question on this now. I have some id's in the same three I would have to hide from this list, lets say 1031 and 1032 how could I do this?
  15. Hi I need to hide a couple id's from a page listing $angebote = $pages->find("template=travelCat, sort=sort"); Is it possible to filter a couple of ID's from this list, wich are having the same template? I can't set them to hidden because I need them on another place displayed. Thanks.
  16. thanks, that really helps. Need to get used to pw as soon as possible.
  17. diogo thanks a lot, perfect!
  18. Hi all I have a newbie question concerning the listing of some child element in an overview. It all works well as long as I have only sub category. In one case I am getting a level deeper, so I only get the first child listet. like trip Overview (Listing all trips) Flying (Lists all children of Lying Biking (Lists all Children ob biking) Holidays (should list the content of its children's children but does not) Italy child 1 child 2 Spain child 1 Croatia child 1 See my code below. <?php $p_id = $page->id; $reisen = $page->find("parent_id=$p_id, sort=reise_abfahrt"); //gets the ID of the page I am on and lists the children echo "id: $p_id"; ?> <dl class="travelList"> <?php foreach ($reisen as $reise) { ?> <dt><a href="<?php echo $reise->url;?>" title="Detailansicht" class="tripDetail"><?php echo $reise->reise_abfahrt;?> <?php echo $reise->longtitle; ?></a></dt> <?php if($reise->reise_flyer != ""){ ?> <dd class="tripRoute"> <a href="<?php echo $reise->reise_flyer->url;?>" title="Flyer als PDF laden" target="_blank" class="tripFlyer">Flyer</a></dd> <?php }?> <?php } ?> </dl> Is there any way I could handle this in the same template as above or do I have to create a special template only for the listing of Holidays? Your help is much appreciatetd.
  19. ok got it there were actually tow once in a Folder, once in the root of Modules, removed the folder now the page loads.
  20. ok renamed it but this does not do the trick Error: Class 'MarkupSitemapXML' not found (line 308 of /var/www/.../data/www/..../wire/core/Modules.php)
  21. OK I am in there do I have to rename class MarkupSitemapXML extends WireData implements Module to class MyMarkupSitemapXML extends WireData implements Module or is that somewhere else?
  22. ok renaming the module does not do the trick. Is there a way to uninstall it via api to at least have the site running again and then check on from there?
  23. Hi all I've tried to install ProcessExportProfile now I get a Internal server Error. I can't get to the Admin nor ist the Frontend loading. In errors.txt there ist following entry. http://www......./processwire/module/ Compile Error: Cannot redeclare class MarkupSitemapXML (line 3 of /var/www/...../data/www/......com/site/modules/MarkupSitemapXML/MarkupSitemapXML.module) does anyone have a quick fix for this problem? Thanks a lot!
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