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  1. Hi all would need to exclude children of the trash to appear in queries. Tried it with ("parent!=49") where parent id is the trash. Does not work with find nor get. Your help is much appreciated.
  2. you're right! Tried to remove the cover over the link and make it smaller, so that one could click the Icon as well as the link. Somehow that did not work.
  3. Hi 3fingers I think I best give you the link to the page. Here http://trueart.ch/dev/ Thanks a lot in advance! My code looks like <div id="offcanvas-nav" uk-offcanvas> <div class="uk-offcanvas-bar"> <?=ukNav($home->children, [ 'divider' => true, 'depth' => 2 ])?> </div> </div>
  4. Hi I am using Ryan's UiKIt template in one of my Sites. I use Offcanvas nav bar as mobile navigation. Somehow I don't really manage, that parent links are working. When clicked they just open the tree of children, but the link is not active for navigation. Has anyone an idea of how this could be solved? Your help is much appreciated.
  5. Problem solved, it is Version Control that creates this problem. will no update and then try again to install version control.
  6. on any page in the tree, as soon as I click edit, I get that error message.
  7. I investigated a but further. The only thing I really can't edit, are content pages. I am a bid confused here. Not sure if an update is smart if I have limitations. No one any idea, what this error could mean?
  8. Hi all in one of my PW installations (Version 2.5.22) I get following error I can't change any of the pages, all I get is a blank page. I have no idea what this could be. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hi Diogo , Lost Koprakai, thanks Diogo, your solutions works, as usual. @Lost Koprakai this is my original code. $events = $page->events; foreach($events as $event){ $programm = $event->file ? "<br /><a href='{$event->file->url}' title='{$event->file->name}' target='_blank'>{$event->file->description} herunterladen</a>" : ""; $content .= "<div class='event'>"; $content .= "<h2>{$event->firstname}</h2>"; $content .= "<p>Datum:"{$event->zeit()}"; $content .= "<br />Zeit: {$event->zeit}"; $content .= "<br />Ort: {$event->sirname}"; $content .= "<br />{$event->summary}"; $content .= $programm; $content .= "</p></div>"; } I will look into your proposal as well. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hi all I almost bang my head against the desk, trying to separate date and time in the the output. I would love to use only one DateTime field for a little Event list. I used this code $content .= "<p>Datum: {$event->zeit()}"; $content .= "<br />Zeit: {$event->zeit}"; I tried to out put the date only by $content .= "<p>Datum: {$event->zeit("d-m-Y")}"; but I get errors. Is there a way to output time and date separate or do I have to use two fields?
  11. I know this is a strange question in PW forum. However I know that there are quiet a few passed modx users in here, so I try my luck. Is it possible to load and run a modx evolution installation inside PW (bootstrap)? I have a huge shop that will get a rewrite next year, until then it would need to run as modx, if possible inside a PW Site. Your help is much appreciated.
  12. Hi All There seems to be another problem with translation. we add an include via wireRenderFile with the normal replacement string in access.inc like __('Direkt zur Navigation') and so on, $accessibility = wireRenderFile("includes/access.inc"); that can be properly translated in the language admin. But the output remains in the default language. we then changed wireRenderFile to and used variables $accessibility = wireRenderFile("includes/access.inc", array('home' => $home, 'toNav' => $toNav, 'toContent' => $toContent, 'toHome' => $toHome)); This is in my opinion not really dynamic. Does anyone now a better solution to this problem? Your help is much appreciated
  13. Hi all batcher seems not to work with PW 3.0.8. You search pages, but adding actions does not work. This seems to be the case with other modules as well, that one can't add actions. Your help is much appreciated.
  14. @ adrian I can't throw a 404, as this pages are used in lists. I don't know PageProtector but will have a look at. @ Peter Knight so far there is no UnSearchable or Don't Index right now as standard feature. However, that would be great. @ Macrura we have now added the noIndex meta tag to those hidden pages. I hope that will solve the problem. They don't show up in sitemaps nor in xml sitemaps.
  15. Thanks LostKobrakai will try this right away.
  16. Hi All on quite a huge site we have several oem products (pages) that are set to hidden and are not supposed to show up in any search result. Unfortunately they show up in google searches, when searched for with the title. how can we prevent them from showing up?
  17. bbeer

    Hanna Code

    Hi after I changed a domain to ssl, HannaCode throws on error on each saving. Anyone any idea on how this could be solved?
  18. Hi interrobang thanks a lot. Need to upgrade first then.
  19. Hi All is it eventually possible to set editing permissions for user as per language? lets say for one specific language only? If so, how could this be done. Your help is much appreciated!
  20. I have to refresh that subject! I am looking for a long term business relation to a freelance php/pw developer starting next early year. After 10 years of cooperation, my long term freelance developer is now employed. For this reason I'm in need for a partner as php/pw Developer. I have several medium to big projects coming up. There are also some big projects, in which I need help from a qualified php developer. Please drop me a line, if interested to work together with me! More details in a private chat. Thanks a lot!
  21. Cerulean thanks a lot, Thats it!
  22. I have problems with outputting the whole Menu Tree up to the parent page Product when in 3rd level of a submenu. The structure is Home Products product 1 product 2 Item 1 Item 2 Item 4 product 3 My menu looks like this $leftNav = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation"); $leftNavOptions = array( 'max_levels' => 3, 'collapsed' => true, 'show_root' => false, 'levels' => true, 'outer_tpl' => '<ul id="leftNavOuter" class="noPrint">||</ul>', 'firstlast' => true ); $root = $page->parents->count == 1 ? $page : $page->parent; echo $leftNav->render($leftNavOptions, $page, $root); that works perfect well until you navigate into the 3rd Level, then all levels above disapear and you see only the items level Is there a way to output all three levels when in 3rd level? Your help is much appreciated.
  23. a given time of inactivity, not depending on user should do!
  24. Hi all we have a page with user Login to a special client section. Session Login Throttle prevents multiple logins with the same User Data. Is it possible to log out a user after a give period of time. Or is it possible to allow Multiple Logins with the same User Data, without risking to much security. Your help is much appreciated!
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