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  1. Hi all we like to to change the content of some fields inside a FieldtypeTextareas field per API for several pages. her an example for one page. // set language wire("user")->language = 1014; // read language $en = wire("languages")->get('en'); // list all products form this template is ok foreach(wire('pages')->find("template=product,sort=prod_calc_capacity,include=hidden") as $p){ // for one product if((string)$p == "1798"){ // read value from multifield, is ok $fe = $p->prod_features_multi->prod_rating_operating_voltage; // output value, is ok echo "$fe<br />"; // set new value, value not set and why? nok $p->setLanguageValue($en, 'prod_rating_operating_voltage', 'test'); } } your help is much appreciated.
  2. OK here are the Screenshots. I have my doubts that this is a project for repeater. however every good tip is welcome.
  3. Ok I will have a look at the Hanna Code module. I think this could be a solution. Would love an easier solution, client wise.
  4. Hi 3fingers I think you got it what I mean. The same Images for close to 800 Documants, that need to be replaced at once if needed. I also understand that with the page, but Hanna Cod I have no Idea. Have to have a look into. Never used it so far.
  5. I have severe problems on saving speed in a big PW page. We use close to 150 fields in the template, being that slow. When saving a document it can take up to 6 to 10 seconds to save. It happens quite often that CPU usage gets to the limit. the page is hosted on a sharedHosting Account on a Linux Box. Is there a possibility to speed put this process? Your help is much appreciated.
  6. Hi all we are building a dynamic user manual, for approx. 800 products. In those manuals we have to use Icons, to be used with CKEditor. As the Images in PW are saved per Page, I wonder if there is a solution to use the same images in all those pages. Related pages won't help, neither will selecting Images from a singe page as images can't be replace, well not that I know of. I would need a library where I would save this 20 Icons, to be used in all the other documents. Important is, that the Icons can be replaced in one place, and they will be replaced in all the other documents as well. your help is much appreciated!
  7. Ok after updating and testing, there is still an issue, that there are paragraph's inside td's like here <table border="1" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody> <tr> <td style="width:45px"> <p> 1</p> </td> <td style="width:170px"> <p> Besfestigungsdichtung</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td style="width:45px"> <p> 2</p> </td> <td style="width:170px"> <p> Befestigungsklammer</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> even when opening the editor and closing it again they resist. is there a way to have them remove on save, or some other way? It would be one hell of work if we would have to reenter all that content.
  8. it really looks as if my client was messing around. Will now update the live site. let you know the outcome. Guess it will work fine...
  9. well it happens that inside td's are p. which for our need is really a no go. The same with li's. under certain circumstances there are p inside li's which breaks the layout in the pdf. The main problem is that with tcpdf you can only use inline styles. We are using PW to generate a dynamic manual, so there is no other way but to give the client a wysywyg editor.
  10. thanks kongondo seems that my problem is solved, or at least almost solved. Guess we need to filter some content by php for output into the pdf generator. Thanks again!
  11. I've updated InputfieldCKEditor to Version 1.2 which includes ckeditor 4.4.2 this is a PW 2.4 Installation. So that means I will have to update to PW 2.5 if that should work correct right? Will do so, hope that helps.
  12. thanks kongondo does not solve the problem. As soon as I add anything to Extra Allowed Content I get the above mentioned error. Further more I have only one line to add Extra allowed content, so separated it by , like table[class](*), tr[class](*), td[class](*), tbody[class](*), em[class](*), br[class](*) on line 118 is following code. like $this->settings->set($key, $value); Where can I find Beautify Markup Toggles settings? Thanks for your help!
  13. Hi all after trying a lot of option, I really need to ask how the proper syntax for extra allowed content is. Whenever I use extra allowed content I get an error Error: Call to a member function set() on a non-object (line 118 of /public_html/entwicklung/site/modules/MarkupHTMLPurifier/MarkupHTMLPurifier.module) In one setup I would need CKEditor to just allow table tbody tr td br em li a. I also realized that CKEditor is adding p to li elements, which is no good. Your help is much appreciated.
  14. Hi all back to the topic. we are closer already and found out that CKE is adding a lot of additional tags. ie. <p> </p>, it also wraps text inside td's and list inside paragrahps which we really can't use, because we use the content with a pdf generator. Is it possible to limit CKE that he does not add additional tags inside li and tds? that would really help a lot. your help is much appreciated.
  15. Sorry that I push on this subject again, but this is getting really urgent. I use CKEditor with a TextaeraLanguage field. When using tables, CFE add endless <p> </p>, really unpredictable. It is impossible to control text like this. Even worse, some language tabs are not displayed, as they should, but in the text itself. Text disappears completely, if it was not saved. when changing language, it is easily possible that the format of the field you choose now breaks, without even activating CFE all <br /> are being replaced by <p> </p> I need urgent help. Also paid help if necessary. Thanks a lot
  16. Hi all when I try to delete a table by right clicking into the table, then delete table, the table reappears after savaging the page. However when the table is deleted in html mode then it is gone. However this is not a smart option for clients. PW Version 2.4.0 CKEditor Version 1.2.0 Your help is much appreciated!
  17. Soma this is a brilliant idea! Would sure love to see this as well.
  18. Solved! the unpublished Documents where listed when logged in only. Sorry for the confusion. Need to add some more facts for your understanding. In that site we use parent documents as folders for certain products (groups). We have several product groups. The client was sure, when he sets the parent Document to hidden, that all the child elements (products of that group) would be hidden as well. So it would really help, if it would be possible to hide all documents from search of a certain template, when the parent document is hidden, making it possible to hide whole product groups with one click. your advise is much appreciated!
  19. Ok getting closer. those pages where children of a hidden document, but where set to visible. Is there a way to prevent such pages. Another problem is, that unpublished pages are showing up in the search results as well. Can this be prevented?
  20. they display always, as if they where not set to hide form searches and navigation.
  21. Hi the search outputs pages that are set to hidden in settings. the search term is $matches = $pages->find("title|body|summary%=$q, limit=50"); How can I exclude hidden pages from search listings Can I add other criteria to exclude pages? thanks for your help
  22. well just tried that again. the system throws the same error again, like mentioned above.
  23. Hi pwired thanks for your help. I did the setup the way you write above. It is also kind a working except that I can't rename the default language title, returning the error mentioned above. I really hope there is another way than to do a complete new install, have already quite lot of modules installed, fields added and so on. I think the problem is that I've added the german language files to default language in pages=>setup=>languages=>default. Hopefully there is another way to solve this. Thanks again!
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