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  1. Yes Martjin thats it. Thanks!
  2. Hi all still ne to the system so got stuck with the output for a list. I need a listing of trips from several parent sub Documents with a template travelCat I've tried the call by categories but get only on cat listed. <?php $reisen = $pages->get("/angebot-reisen/messen-ausstellungen/",'/baumaschinen/', "sort=sort")->children; ?> <?php foreach ($reisen as $reise) { ?> <div class="travel-item"> <h2><a href="<?php echo $reise->url;?>" title="Detailansicht" class="tripDetail"><?php echo $reise->longtitle; ?></a></h2> <a href="<?php echo $reise->reise_flyer->url; ?>" title="Flyer als PDF laden" target="_blank" class="tripFlyer">Flyer</a> </div> <?php } ?> could I eventually call all the documents with template travelDetail? I've tried this, but I get an error when chaining get to find. Your help is much appreciated.
  3. Thanks Adrian it makes sense. It may be a problem of MampPro I think. Guess it will work perfect when on a life Server. Thanks again.
  4. just tried that out now when I set the folder and the templates to 0777 then the templates show up in the editor. So for a quick use this may help, but I think in life environment this is not smart no?
  5. Adrian nope, no PHP error at all
  6. just upgraded MampPro to 2.2 php 5.4.19 mysql 5.3.33 uninstalled TemplateEditor and reinstalled it - same problem.
  7. I also get a blank Editor screen. I can choose templates, but they are not being displayed. Checked permissions, can't see anything wrong. OS X 10.9.1 Mamp PW 2.3.15 PHP 5.4.3
  8. Sorry this is a stupid beginner question. Already triedthe whole morning to find a solution. I need to output the Name of the descriptions as well as generating the link to the file. <p class="tripFlyer"><a href="" target="_blank" title="<?php echo $page->reise_flyer;?>"><?php echo $fields->get("reise_flyer")->label;?></a></p> I manage to call the label, but I do not get the Description. So with the URL. Have not managed to get the url of the file. Your help is much appreciated!
  9. That problem seems to be solved, don't ask why but it works now.
  10. I'd be interested as well! When do you plan this event.
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