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  1. Hi Martijn your solution does the trick. Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi all I have a problem listing pages when set on hidden I sue the following code. When I set to pages to unhidden the listing works well. Somehow I don't manage to find the problem. <?php $stellen = $pages->get("1035", "sort=sort", "include=hidden")->children; foreach ($stellen as $stelle){ ?> <div class="jobList clr"> <div class="col jobContent"> <h2><?php echo $stelle->longtitle;?></h2> <?php echo $stelle->body;?> </div> </div> <?php }?> Your help is much appreciated.
  3. Thanks tpr will have a look at this.
  4. tpr how exactly do you mean this?
  5. Thanks Can this solution I knew. Seems that this is the only way to go about. I was hoping for a more user friendly solution. Maybe that would really be something to look at in future, that FieldType Files would be as the other MultiLingual fields. Thanks again.
  6. Hi all I wonder on how to handle best multi lingual downloads. FieldType File has Multi Lingual descriptions for one and the same file. Maybe it would be a good idea to have a real FieldType File, where per language files could be uploaded. Thanks for your advice
  7. I 've removed Site-wide File Manager the problem persists. Can't save new pages with that specific template. EDIT when I add a page with another template and save it, then change the template to products, it works. However I can not expect the client to setup a new page in another template and then change them.
  8. will try that, but not before tomorrow. Thanks for now
  9. this is a huge site, the update to 2.6 will be done later. following fields are used that handle files image and file, site-wide file manager Thats about it.
  10. well yes quite a few. The things is that this is new. I am running 2.5.22 dev. and it is only this template that makes problems. I tried other templates, they let me add new pages without any problem. Checked the settings in the template, but there is nothing set any different.
  11. I have a very strange occurrence. I try to add new product pages, but it is impossible to save them. Whenever I add a new page and save it I get following error: New page '/de/produkte/schaltschrank-kuehlgeraete-outdoor/oc-5705/570501001sg/' must be saved before files can be accessed from it any one any idea of what that could be? your help is much appreciated.
  12. Mike I appreciate your help. Hope the system recovery goes smooth.
  13. @MarcC this is a great idea! Frank, I don't really know where modx is heading to. As for myself, having used Evo for more than 8 years, I was really pissed when Revo emerged. Since then I permanently had bad feelings, when using Evo for a new projects. Development off add ons drop to close to nil. Glad I found PW. Still in the process of getting used to it, but I'll eventually get the hang of it. Guess I will never go back to modx.
  14. Hi Mike it now wraps the numbre inside an a tag, but it does not output the proper link.
  15. I try to add a callto: or tel: link with CKEditor, but it is being cleaned out each time I save the Page. Is there a way to have CKEdtior accept such links. I've tried with a[tel:,callto:] and href[tel:,callto:] in extra Allowed Content but that does not work.
  16. Adrian thanks a lot, works like a charm.
  17. Hi Diogo I admit, I'm a bid lost I've seen this before but somehow need some help. I lack on php. I was trying to get the pages like $entries = $pages->get('1049','1050'); but I get an error "this page is not intended for direct access". Do I have to create a field checkbox (show_links) and then get them like this $entries = $pages->get("/")->show_links; or can I get them somehow by id?
  18. Hi all is it possible to use MarkupSimpleNavigation to output just certain pages for a special navigation, i.e. by page id's?
  19. Is it possible to use this in a Multi Language Site. Tried to use it, but in the menu title I get Array and in the outputs as well, it outputs Array, instead of the menu title. When changing language it buts. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi Adrian will do so thanks. The thing is we use VersionControl for Textfield in an extended manner. Guess we will have to change that in due time. Thanks a lot.
  21. I have problems with VersionControl. We use VersionControl for Textfields which conflicts with VersionControl, well actually with PageSnapShot. VersionControl is not installed, but PageSnapShot still seems to be active. When I try to delete PageSnapShot I get a Server Error, when I try to delete VersionControl I get an error that VersionControl could not be deleted. When I refresh modules I get Failed module dependency: PageSnapshot requires VersionControl So I am somehow in a trap. Is it possible to remove VersionControl and PageSnapShot manually? your help ids much appreciated.
  22. Soma thanks that worked.
  23. Hi all we've developed in a sub directory then moved the entire site to the root of the server. Today now I realized that all links of the modules still link to the sub directory. where can I change that path. In the DB in table caches are those path. Do I have to empty this table or can I simply delete all the files in assets>cache? Your help is much appreciated.
  24. no it does not work, same error. Your BTW has nothing directly to do with the problem, but we changed it.
  25. Hi adrain nope that does not work. get an Fatal error: Call to a member function setLanguageValue() on a non-objec
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