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  1. Hello If you like, you can now download a demo of this "setup" or "snapshot". I think it's "ready enough" to try it and to see what you think. Donwload this installer file (Duplicator), put it in a web root and rename it to "installer.php" http://pwdev.square7.ch/download/installer.php.txt Put this zip in the same web root http://pwdev.square7.ch/download/2018-06-13_16-03-08-localhost.package.zip Call <yourweb>/installer.php and follow the instructions. An empty MySQL Database is required. If everything went smooth, you can log in as "admin" under /processwire using password: agu3j$Fh832a Then edit "home". You can add, delete, move, resize, dialog-edit and inline-edit the items (colums). At the bottom of the page, you will find "Grid Settings". There you can define which breakpoint will be changed when using wysiwyg resizing. This may be confusing if you change a breakpoint which does not correspond to your current screen width, because nothing happens visibly. You can hover over each element to quickly see the column settings. Some basic understanding of the Boostrap 4 Grid System is recommended (Link provided in the dialog). If you would like to change the german text in the demo, just select "Deutsch" where you see "Default" in the backend nav (AOS Feature). This demo is not about "stunning" design, it is kept as simple as possible showing the options which are there. If you would like to change the design, there is package.json in the root folder which should install everything you need. "npm install" is your friend. πŸ˜‰ In "/site/templates/scss/shared.scss" is the sass-code shared by front- and backend. There would a be lot more to say, but I think this is enough for the moment. It's a demo, don't use it for your customers atm. πŸ˜‰ Have fun!
  2. @MarcoPLY It is all written in the README. https://github.com/theo222/ImagePickerField ImagePicker stores an URL not an image object.
  3. Things are slowly stabilizing and I am thinking about releasing a "Preview" Version this or next week. Since it is a "setup" and not only a Module I would like to make the entire demo-site downloadable using Duplicator for example. Duplicator has it's own setup procedure, so this should be easy for everybody. My question is about legal stuff. Is it OK to include the wire folder (PW 3.0.105) and modules like AOS etc. in a downloadable Duplicator Zip File? Thank you.
  4. Hi Bernhard, What I am trying to make, is just another field-type. πŸ˜‰ The idea is, to give an area to the "editor-user", where he can freely choose and place the content blocks he needs (from the ones you offer him). CSS (SASS) is mostly done by the admin (you or me). There is a part which the bs4grid field handles. This is the main "row" and all the container "cols" which are moveable and resizable. The content HTML of these is simply added via templates which you can add or remove. Such a template PHP looks like (grid_card.php) <?php namespace ProcessWire; echo '<div class="card">'; if ($page->title) echo '<div class="card-header">'.$page->title.'</div>'; if ($page->image && ($page->card_img_types=="1" || $page->card_img_types=="3")) echo '<img class="card-img-top" src="'.$page->image->url.'" alt="'.$page->image->description.'">'; if ($page->image && $page->card_img_types=="3") echo '<div class="card-img-overlay">'; if ($page->body) echo '<div class="card-body">'.$page->body.'</div>'; if ($page->image && $page->card_img_types=="3") echo '</div>'; if ($page->image && $page->card_img_types=="2") echo '<img class="card-img-bottom" src="'.$page->image->url.'" alt="'.$page->image->description.'">'; if ($page->footer) echo '<div class="card-footer">'.$page->footer.'</div>'; echo '</div>'; ?> I personally have no intention to make it "all purpose". I will be happy when it works for Bootstrap 4. That said, I'm not very familiar with other CSS Frameworks. A big difference to the new CSS Grid is certainly, that the column definitions of BS are part of the HTML (class attributes, sort of inline) where the CSS Grid has to be defined in the style part outside the HTML. No sure if you were interested in this kind of information. I'm still playing with it, there is not much theory behind.
  5. I'm still working on it. πŸ˜‰ The screenshot shows: Nested groups "New row" elements Vertical alignment Grid settings Embedded Youtube Video Card options Background color for text elements
  6. Looks normal here (FF 60.0.1) but it's getting a total mess when zoom is > 100% in a "in-between-size".
  7. Looks like a JQuery issue. A conflict with other parts of JS? What is "latest version"? 3.0.98 or 3.0.104 or2.8.62 ? Issue reports go here https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues But you should probably wait for some more opinions, it might be as well a problem at your side.
  8. I had this kind of problems when trying to save hanna codes (TextformatterHannaCode). My host then disabled some security rules. After that it worked.
  9. @dragan Thanks, but this ist PHP, right? I need JS. But I think this seems to work afaics now. $("#submit_save").bind("click", function() { alert('beforesave'); return true; }); Thank you.
  10. Hello Is there a way for a module to get an event via JS/JQuery when (actually before) a Page is saved? For example for showing an alert like "There are unsaved changes" or saving these changes automatically (Ajax)? Thank you.
  11. @dragan Yes, I've tested this before, then disabled Tracy, AOS and stuff. Then I remembered ChromePhpLogger and disabled this one. The latter helped. Could be some recursion / stack problem? The problem is gone for now, but It is a little scaring, as I have no indication about what went actually wrong. It might happen again?
  12. EDIT: It seems that uninstalling ChromePhpLogger helps in this case. But still, this is a general issue imho (Memory?). I think it is not directly a problem of ChromePhpLogger. Thank you.
  13. @flydev No, I can't see any error in /var/log/apache2/error_log. Only access_log has an entry (normal). Thank you.
  14. A specific page (frontend) is not being loaded when $config->debug is true; It is a similar observation as described here before: If I set $config->debug to false, it works. No error message, nothing. The page uses PageTableExtended, but it is not that complex (9 pages in involved in the PT). What could be the reason? What can I do about it? Did you have similar observations? Thank you. PHP 7.07 / PW 3.0.94
  15. There is another issue in my case: The parent folder is included in v 1.2.9. Probably has to do with mod_userdir. So it does not work because it is extracting everything to /parentfolder/wire etc. As the above issue, this was all working in v 1.1.7
  16. OK, I had a quick look at the source of Duplicator.module On line 640, there is a "isWritable" check: if(!$f->isReadable() || !$f->isWritable()) { continue; } Why does the file to copy have to be writable? My "wire" folder is not writable by "wwwrun" because it is not necessary, it has to be readable though. If I remove this check, it works as before. Thank you.
  17. @szabesz Probably you remember my "special" setup. I had some problems before 1.1.6 in the area of mod_userdir and this: Maybe the current problem is related?
  18. I have completely uninstalled and deleted it, even checked in the db for the module entry, then downloaded and installed the latest version (1.2.9) and no, it does not work as before. The wire folder is not included etc. The package is only 2.11 MB instead of more than 20 MB before. Thank you.
  19. Hi Latest Duplicator does not work here. It does not include ./wire and other stuff. Version 1.1.7 works. Thank you.
  20. There is also PageFrontEdit https://processwire.com/blog/posts/front-end-editing-now-in-processwire-3.0-alpha-4/
  21. Thank you. Yes, I am working on it sporadically. I'm not quite sure yet what it is or is going to be. ;-) It's a "setup" currently. It consists of modules like - A version of PageTableExtended but for grids - A version of the PageFrontEdit, but for the backend. - An InputField for Bootstrap 4 settings. Then it needs a specialized version of Bootstrap CSS which does not interfere with the PW backend CSS. And some (PageTable) templates which contain the code for Bootstrap items like Cards, Jumbotron, Carousel etc. What I have is more a prototype or a "proof of concept" than something which is to be released soon. But it works rather well. ;-) Currently I am trying to implement nested columns.
  22. Afaik CSS has precedence over HTML width. So either define width:100% for all your images or insert a special class for this (e.g. "img_responsive"). .img_responsive { width: 100%; } To make it selectable from the CKE toolbar, do sth. like CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add('mystyles', [ { name: 'Fullwidth', element: 'img', attributes: { 'class': 'img_responsive' } } ]);
  23. I think the check for "NullPage" was wrong. We have to check for id<>0 https://processwire.com/api/ref/null-page/ Like this it works. $item= $this->wire('pages')->get('template=language,id=' . $lang_id); if($item->id) { $this->wire('user')->language = $lang_id; } Thank you.
  24. No, it does not help. Still getting: Thank you.
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