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  1. So, fieldgroups are only related to templates? And fieldgroup is only deleted when a template is deleted?
  2. Should also stay true for same entities. Therefore, having a page with some name should not mean, that I can't have a template with the same name.
  3. Hello, encountered weird error message, which in my opinion is wrong. I already have a PAGE named 'nav' using some template. I tried to create a new TEMPLATE for navigation (different purposes) also naming it 'nav'. When I try to do it via admin UI, I get "name already exists", when I use Migrations module I get ` Got error PDOException with SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry 'nav' for key 'name' ` The only culprit could be 'fieldgroups' table (which already has 'nav' name) with unique index. But is this an expected behaviour? User hardly manipulates field group names.
  4. simonsays

    Found quite a few bugs in modal.js, reported them under the same issue. Thanks for your help by the way! Your quick fix worked. @matjazp
  5. simonsays

    I am not sure, what I should look for.
  6. simonsays

    All good. 200 and 304 statuses only.
  7. simonsays

    Reported a bug on github.
  8. simonsays

    It's a clean install, so don't think that this is something local. The browser is Firefox. Asked my colleague to do clean install and test in Safari, also got an error (also Type error, but with a different stack). Also autoclose and ajax preloader problems on his computer. Jquery Core module is 1.8.3 and jquery itself is 1.11.1. Did not change anything after performing install.
  9. I have installed the latest version of processwire, but for some reason, the Page Frontend Editor is now throwing an error. <edit page="<?=$page->id?>" fields="title,body">test modal</edit> So every time I initialize modal window 1) Jquery error appears in console (see attached screenshot) 2) data-autoclose does not close the modal 3) The ajax preloader does not disappea when the modal is opened 4) When edited in modal, the fields are not updated without reloading the page (should they?) I am pretty sure this comes from processwire itself rather than the module. Has anyone come across this? Has anyone reported it? Where should I report it, if not?
  10. simonsays

    For now I've added location reload to function modalInitEditableRegions() { var regions = $('.pw-edit-modal'); if (!regions.length) return; $(document).on('pw-modal-closed', function (e, eventData) { if (eventData.abort) return; // modal.js populates 'abort' if "x" button was clicked var target = $(; if (!'.pw-edit-modal')) return; var targetID = target.attr('id'); var viewURL = $('#pw-url').val(); viewURL += (viewURL.indexOf('?') > -1 ? '&' : '?') + 'pw_edit_fields=' + target.attr('data-fields'); setBusy(true); target.load(viewURL + ' #' + targetID, {}, function () { var t = $(this); var children = t.children(); if (children.length) { var html = t.children().html(); t.html(html); } t.trigger('pw-reloaded'); setBusy(false); location.reload(); }); }); } but is there a good way to reload on actual save?
  11. Hello! Thanks for the awesome front-end editor! Real difference maker when it comes to picking CMS. However, there is one tiny drawback, which the client has brought up. When I am editing multiple fields in a modal, it would be awesome that on save it would close and also reload the page (so I could actually see the changes). However, simply reloading location when the form is saved like that // click action to save edits $('.pw-edit-save').click(function () { $('.pw-editing:not(.pw-edit-InputfieldCKEditor)').blur(); setTimeout(function () { inlineSaveClickEvent(); }, 250); location.reload(); }); not only leaves the modal open, but also does not update the fields initially. Any advice?
  12. simonsays

    Is this thread still alive? Has something changed so far, so that repeater fields could be added in a more elegant way (I mean, when added programmatically)?
  13. simonsays

    @LostKobrakai Do you happen to have a good example of adding a repeater field (just the field, no data)? Found this old thread, which introduces a fairly complex approach, but it is rather old, so I was hoping, that something has changed over the last 4 years. Looked through FieldtypeRepeater module, but did not find any helpful methods.
  14. simonsays

    Weird, failed first 2 times, but works perfectly now. Logs did not find anything. Guess, something with my localhost...
  15. simonsays

    The problem was actually with apache virtual host (the <Directory> was not specified). Thanks for your patience and cooperation!