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  1. @tpr About the language switcher problem mentioned before: The problem is with the cookie "aos_lang_id". If it contains a value for the language (like e.g. 1010) which does not correspond to a language id of your current installation, then then PW backend crashes. This may happen, if you run multiple PW instances on localhost. A check for the existence of the id you get from the cookie would help imo. Thank you.
  2. @bernhard Glad you found the bottleneck. But I'd leave sorting on by default and make an option to turn it off ( IIUC ).
  3. @bernhard I'm sure it's great what you are doing. Unfortunately, I have no time for participating or testing and I don't have a setup with 10 000+ pages atm. But keep up the good work!
  4. The reason I still use Bootstrap is not only the "Grid" part, but there are many other solutions in it, which are really useful and can save you a lot of time. Latest thing I've found is a way for responsive video embed (doing this "by hand" is not as easy as it may seem). https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/utilities/embed/ Because of things like this, I prefer staying within the Bootstrap Framework.
  5. Hummm, now it works. Very strange, almost scaring... Maybe there was sth. wrong with a previously set cookie?
  6. @tpr : I've had a little time now, and i found the line which is causing the trouble in my installation. Around Line 391 in AOS 1.8.9. The commented line "//theo" // add to init() to change early if ($this->isMultiLang) { if (in_array($subModule, $enabledSubmodules)) { if (in_array('adminLangSwitcher', $configData[$subModule])) { if (isset($_COOKIE["aos_lang_id"])) { $lang_id = $_COOKIE["aos_lang_id"]; //theo $this->wire('user')->language = $lang_id; } } } } It seems as if this comes too early here. Not sure. Do you have an idea what is going on here?
  7. @MarcoPLY Should work now imo. Repository is updated. This version also creates and deletes the permission, but you still have to add it to your editor role. https://github.com/theo222/ImagePickerField
  8. @MarcoPLY Can you test this? In ImagePickerList.module (should be in site/modules/ImagePicker/) Add 'permission' => 'imagepicker' to the getModuleInfo() block public static function getModuleInfo() { return array( 'title' => 'ImagePicker Lister', 'version' => 90, 'summary' => 'ImagePicker Lister', 'singular' => true, 'autoload' => false, 'permission' => 'imagepicker' ); } Then as admin in the backend do: Access -> Permissions -> Add New: Name: imagepicker After saving, give it a title like "Image Picker". Then add this permission to your editor role (Acesss -> Roles). Try if it works. Maybe you have to log-out and in and refresh modules (Modules->Refresh).
  9. Yes, it probably has to do with the fact, that the page generating the picker list uses an admin template. The page is in Admin->Setup->Image Picker List. I have almost no time atm. Can anybody explain how to make such pages accessible for non superusers? Thank you.
  10. Yes, 3 languages, PHP 7.0.7. I am going to bed now. See you tomorrow.
  11. Right after. Click "Save" and goodbye. Might be some interaction with other stuff, but I don't know what to look for.
  12. AOS 1.8.9 crashing ProcessWire 3.0.94, when setting Misc->"Add language switcher to the admin". Error Message: I have to remove the item in the database under modules AdminOnSteroids -> data to get PW running again. What could this be? Thank you.
  13. Hello This valuable module is not usable here (with multi language setup?). The input fields simply disappear after trying to restore. See this short screencast please: http://theowp.bplaced.net/upload/v2.html ProcessWire 3.0.98 and VersionControl Branch 2.0 of today. Thank you.
  14. @gmclelland You don't need my tool for this. You can do this with normal PageTables or probably Repeater Matrix. If you want to force the "editor" to choose between fixed 2 column or 3 column or whatever layout, then this is the wrong tool ("Full width" or not). This tool is about some freedom for the "editor". Thank you.
  15. @gmclelland: Not sure if I understand what you mean. This tool is not about writing CSS. As I wrote in the first posting, it gives "editors" ("Non technical" backend users) some options and some wysiwyg, in the area of the Boostrap 4 grid system and the content block types you offer them. As "admin", you are completely free to write the CSS you want for your website. Thank you.
  16. Today's update: The inline editor for the backend can now save the changes. And the visual resize tool works now on the breakpoint which corresponds to the current screen size. So you can define the layout for every size visually. http://theowp.bplaced.net/upload/prev3.html
  17. I will share the code when it is ready (not sure if ever... ) Currently I am exploring the possibilities. Chances are really good thanks to the great ProcessWire "ecosystem". Thanks for the mention in your document. I will read it through tonight. >Will this also handle the case where you have full bleed rows with contained columns on the inside? Not sure what you mean? Nested columns? The next step is already underway: Inline editing in the backend. (It is not yet saving, I hope tomorrow...). http://theowp.bplaced.net/upload/prev2.html Thank you.
  18. Today's update: More "wysiywig" for the backend Visual resizing. "Snap to grid". http://theowp.bplaced.net/upload/prev1.html Thank you.
  19. This module is certainly great, but I wanted something less "technical" for the editor and more wysiwyg and drag&drop. So it is not quite the same, unless I don't understand it completely. Thank you.
  20. Repeater Matrix is not involved. It is just a Page Table Extended which works on "columns" instead of tables. Plus a Bootstrap "class picker". ;-) And of course a lot of "setup" to have BS4 in the backend and all the templates.
  21. EDIT: Demo version download here: Hello I've been looking for a way to give "editors" a little bit more freedom regarding the layout, without having to care about CSS, Fields, Templates etc. After playing with PageTable(-Extended) and Bootstrap, this is the (intermediate) result: http://theowp.bplaced.net/upload/prev.html It is just a proof of concept atm. Does anything like this already exist for PW?
  22. Issue report here: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/553
  23. Just a side note. While trying to verify that my setup is "standard", I've found a little bug in the hints: Can anybody confirm that the hint at: Modules->Core->AdminThemeUikit->Custom files->Primary CSS file : Is wrong? Should be wire/modules/AdminTheme/AdminThemeUikit/uikit/dist/css/uikit.pw.min.css right? So the path under "wire" and the minified version would be correct. I'll make an Issue report, if you confirm this.
  24. Hmm, no problem here. (Version 65.0.3325.181 in the meantime). Are you loading any custom admin CSS (AOS?) Have you tried to see what's going on using the browser tools? Like this?
  25. @Soma Does the problem persist, if you change the admin theme?
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