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  1. I'm not using multi-language, so I guess it must have just been something else that changed in 2.4? Either way, thanks to both of you for creating and improving this module.
  2. Ah, I was using Apeisa's original version. Soma's version fixes the problem. Soma, you should make a pull request!
  3. I went ahead and gave it a try... It looks like it's redirecting to the new root page correctly, but the admin directory becomes inaccessible.
  4. Has anyone had any issues using this module with ProcessWire 2.4? Would it be smart for me to steer clear of it for the time being?
  5. This is just what I was hoping to see. I've come to not trust the reliability of mail() on shared hosts, and those seem to be all I deploy to.
  6. I agree, it's usually better to have just one select. I presume the Style select is for spans, while the regular select is for block-level, but I'd imagine in both our use cases, block-level is all content editors will need. It appears this is accomplished through theme_advanced_blockformats. I added 'div' in there and that made 'DIV' appear in the dropdown, but I'm not sure how to apply classes to it yet.
  7. I'm trying to do the same thing right now, and I think I see what you're missing: You need to add "styleselect" to theme_advanced_buttons1.
  8. That admin looks fantastic! What are you using for the page icons?
  9. Wow, that actually looks powerful enough already for what I want to do (IMG_FILTER_COLORIZE will probably do the trick). Thanks!
  10. I have an area on a site currently where there's a series of portrait images that appear with a blend mode that was applied in Photoshop. As it stands, anyone adding a new portrait has to have Photoshop, download the source PSD, and export the new file. I don't think we'll need to add new portraits so often that this needs to be automated, but of course, that doesn't stop me from wanting to think about how to do it. What I'd like to do, ideally, is have the server apply the blend mode to the image either when it's uploaded or when it's rendered. I'm guessing I'd have to use GD to do this, and hook into image->size(), but I don't know exactly where I'd start.
  11. D'oh! I'm not sure how I arrived at the conclusion that you couldn't do that. I think I must have misread the options that showed up when I tried to create such a nested combination. Well, thanks very much for your help, everyone.
  12. Thanks for the ideas. Tiagoroldao, I think your way is the best so far, although I wonder if I'm going to be able to explain how it works to site admins. If I'm reading correctly, you're suggesting I create a child page for each level under a specialty, then have a page field inside each level that lets me assign people to that level in that specialty. I have to say, though, just putting a page field inside a repeater (select person, choose their level, repeat) would be the easiest for admins if it were possible! I wonder if there's a way to hook into the repeater module to allow this.
  13. I'm working on a site with an about-the-team page where we have a sub-page for each different area of specialty. Each one of these pages will have a list of people who are in that specialty, this list built by pulling 'person' pages that were assigned to that specialty page through a page field. With me so far? Here's the fun part. I want to add a "level" to each of the people that show up on a specialty page. So let's say I'm on the Widget Managers specialty page, and I have the 'people' page field set to pull Alice and Bob to appear listed on this page. But I want Alice to be a 'senior' widget manager and Bob to be a 'junior' widget manager. I could just put a field in the Person page type that lets me set that person's level, but wait! A person can be assigned to more than one specialty page, with different levels on each one! So Alice might be a senior widget manager and a junior doohickey wrangler. She has to show up on the widget managers page as senior, and on the doohickey wranglers page as junior. Ideally, I'd have a repeater field containing two page fields, one to select a person and one to select their level on the current specialty page, but repeaters can't contain page fields. Anyone know of a way I might approach this?
  14. I think my favorite detail is the contact form. I love that it's a mechanism built into every page!
  15. Hmm. I'm having the same problem, but it's the only "limit=n" call on the page, and I'm not using LanguageLocalizedURL, either. I've never used the pager before, though... I must be making some obvious mistake here? [Edit] Yes, it was a very obvious mistake. I somehow skipped the part where you have to enable pagination in the URLs section for the template. $news = $pages->get("/news/")->children("limit=3"); foreach($news as $newspost) { echo "<div class='post'><h2>".$newspost->title."</h2>"; echo "<p class='newsdate'>".date('M j, Y',$newspost->created)."</p>"; echo $newspost->body."</div>"; } echo $news->renderPager();
  16. I love the navigation on the photo portfolio. Especially the way the thumbnails get their own subcategories under Clients! I think I actually found a bug with that part, though: If I open one of the client subcategories, then navigate to another main category, then back to clients, the client I opened is still open... so far so good, but if I open another client, that original client node doesn't close.
  17. Thanks! Heh, I've never heard of that being called a "nervous" rollover before. I like this one because it gives the user a cue as to what will happen if they click. I wonder if maybe it shouldn't nudge as far when rolled over, though.
  18. Congrats on the launch. It's really exciting to see such a deep and extensive community site as this built in ProcessWire—I can only imagine how much more rewarding it was to build StrategyCore in PW than it might have been in, say, Drupal!
  19. I do some photography as an enthusiast, and while I'm not really looking to go professional, I figured it was time I got a proper portfolio site instead of just relying on my Flickr account. As a parallel to this, I've long wished there were a really simple, beautifully-designed, open-source portfolio system that I could quickly set up for my artist friends to show off their work. So, I had an idea for such a portfolio. I had put the design together for this a few weeks ago, but this weekend, I sat down and started coding, and, even on a busy Easter weekend with family, I managed to get the site done by Sunday night just working on it here and there: http://photo.rclayton.net So, this is my photography portfolio, and the testbed for what I think I may call ProcessFolio, "a gorgeous, minimalist, open-source web portfolio for artists built on ProcessWire." If I can be allowed to call my own work gorgeous for marketing purposes.
  20. Ah yes, that's what I needed! It turns out $image->width() and $image->height() are actually rendering functions, so I was able to just do this: $mainimage = $page->image; if($mainimage->width >= $mainimage->height) { echo '<img src="' . $page->image->width(768)->url . '" alt="' . $page->title . '" id="displayimg" />'; } else { echo '<img src="' . $page->image->height(575)->url . '" alt="' . $page->title . '" id="displayimg" />'; };
  21. I'm building a little photography portfolio site and I'm running into a question with image->size(). For most applications, the sizing to fit and center-crop is great, but for this site, I want to have a maximum width and maximum height, so that if the photo is narrower than the specified size, it gets smaller and has space on the sides, and if it's shorter, it gets space on the top and bottom. In other words, I'm looking to size the image such that it never gets cropped; you see the whole image even if it means making it smaller. Is there a way to do that with size()?
  22. Ah, that typography just makes me happy to look at. Befitting of a high-end gallery publication.
  23. Oh, man. I'm having to go back to WordPress for this project that's on a tight timeframe, and every single thing I do, whether it's trying to find an appropriate plugin, or hacking the ThemeForest theme to get something to work, I keep thinking of how I'd just do it the right way in ProcessWire. Sooo painful. I can't wait until I get to use PW again!
  24. All right. That took way too long, and my first-ever commit message is super helpful but it's up on Github: https://github.com/claymill/Starter-Site-for-ProcessWire
  25. I checked again, and it's definitely an image field. Maybe it's something peculiar to the selector I'm using to access the repeater that contains the page field that's pulling in the page with this image field on it?
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