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Module: SessionHandlerRedis


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A proof-of-concept session handler module for PW that uses Redis as the session database.

You'll need access to a Redis server (IP address and Port) and you can configure the session prefix, the Redis DB that the sessions will be stored in and a time-to-live for the sessions.

Please let me know if you run into any issues with this module.

Here it is on Github.

Here it is in the modules repository.

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Hi @Andreas Augustin

Thank you for the interest in this module - which is in need of an update. I've been contacted by a couple of other interested parties (see here), and I will be working on an update to this module soon.

Personally, I've always preferred using an SSH tunnel to connect to remote redis server instances, but I will certainly take a look at what you've done regarding native authentication suppport.

Best wishes,

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