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  1. Hm, strange. I will check it asap again. In my first try it only worked when I deaktivated the PWLink Module and used the default CKEditor Link Module.
  2. How can I make links with urls which have some special internal protocols like this links: contenthub://53634 page://some-cool-pag?param=xyz team://foobar This links will always be removed from my href="" in the field when I hit save. Also when I remove "HTML Purifier" and "Use ACF" setting from the field. FYI: This urls will be replaced by an other service after processwire builds the page. So don't wonder too much about this strange urls :-)
  3. @Robin S yes, this works well - I will use that way 🙂 thank you for the investigation
  4. @Robin S this works, but I get the actual value from the database and not the new input from the field which I want to validate
  5. Didn't work. I got this error after saving: ProcessWire: ProcessPageEdit: Method InputfieldTextarea::getLanguageValue does not exist or is not callable in this context
  6. Nope. I tried following and this did not work: public function validateShortlinks($event) { $lang = $languages->get('de'); $value = $event->object->getLanguageValue($lang); //dont work }
  7. hello, I want to build a custom validator on my multilang site. I added following hook, but I get only the default language value. How can I access the values of the other languages? public function init() { $this->addHookAfter("InputfieldTextarea::processInput", $this, "validateShortlinks"); } public function validateShortlinks($event) { $field = $event->object; $text = $field->value; // only the default language, how can I get the other languages? }
  8. Sure - I added 2 files with adminonsteroids: site/template/admin/admin.css site/template/admin/admin.js With these codes I hide following features: Image Cropping Image Variations Image Title change Image Actions Image Change on Drag & Drop /* added ot admin panel sites */ .InputfieldFileActionSelect, .InputfieldImageEdit__info, .InputfieldImageEdit__buttons button { display: none !important; } .InputfieldImageEdit__buttons button.InputfieldImageButtonFocus { display: inline-block !important; } .InputfieldImageEdit__name span {
  9. I found, that Ican skip fields in the ProcessPageEditImageSelect Config... but when I add the field... nothing happens. I still can crop the image
  10. Hello! Can I deactivate the renaming feature of images and the editing (croping, rotating etc) in the processwire admin panel?
  11. Other question. What would the best way to extend an existing Image Field database table with a new column? When I Upload the image in the hook to the thirdparty provider, I will get the URL after the upload is finished and want to save this to a column like "cloudinar_url")
  12. Hello! is it possible to hook into the image upload and send the uploaded image to a thirdparty asset managment service? After the image is uploaded on the server, I want to send it via an API to an other serrvice where I receive an URL which I want to save in the db to the image entry. Any ideas?
  13. FYI. Currently we have an bug in FF with Tracking Protection :-( Will be fixed soon
  14. Hey! We use Processwire in for Blue World Content Section and did some fancy SVG Primitive lazyloading for our images. How do you like it: https://www.blue-tomato.com/blue-world/ We also wrote an article about how we did it: https://dev.to/btdev/hey-user-you-already-see-me11---svg-based-image-lazyloading-as-a-matter-of-enjoyable-ux-1de9
  15. https://www.blue-tomato.com/blue-world/ Everything under /blue-world/ is from Processwire
  16. t would be great if you add support for this fieldtype module: https://github.com/kixe/FieldtypeSelectExtOption I've created for this also an issue on github: https://github.com/dadish/ProcessGraphQL/issues/12
  17. No - but I think it would be better to create a own Cloudflare Module. You need to send the files which should be cleared from the Cloudflare cache to the cloudflare API.
  18. Hello! I'm struggling with some strange problem. I want to get the description of an image in my template but it is null. When I'm dumping the image I see that the value is in a field called description1012. Why? object(Image)#396 (2) { ["changes"]=> array(1) { [0]=> string(9) "formatted" } ["data"]=> array(8) { ["basename"]=> string(23) "nbr1052-previewbild.jpg" ["description1012"]=> string(0) "" ["tags"]=> string(0) "" ["formatted"]=> bool(true) ["modified"]=> int(1490190603) ["created"]=>
  19. I'm reposting this from Github - I have the same problem: https://github.com/wanze/TemplateEngineFactory/issues/6
  20. Hello! How can I add custom Content to the Admin Theme Footer or Header? Is this possible with a hook? I want also to can upgrade easy and don't touch core files...
  21. Hi, I just tried the module and get a JSON.parse Error because the query responded this error:. EDIT: Running on PHP 7.1 on Heroku and ext-mbstring was missing. I installed it and the error is away Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function Youshido\GraphQL\Parser\mb_strlen() in /app/site/modules/ProcessGraphQL/vendor/youshido/graphql/src/Parser/Token.php:63 Stack trace: #0 /app/site/modules/ProcessGraphQL/vendor/youshido/graphql/src/Parser/Tokenizer.php(184): Youshido\GraphQL\Parser\Token->__construct('identifier', 2, 7, 'pages') #1 /app/site/modules/P
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