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A simple placeholder class to generate base64 data uri string that can be used to create placeholders for prototypes or as placeholders for lazy-loaded images. Original credits for the PHP Class go to Patrick van Marsbergen. https://github.com/marsbergen/PHP-Placeholder
Use this module in templates to generate placeholder images. It doesn't create a physical image but a base64 data uri string to use as the src of image tag. You can get the base64 code or the complete img tag for convenience.
Example chained call:
$base64 = $modules->PlaceholderImage->width(640)->height(480)->background('DDDDDD')->render();
Then insert the string as the src like:
<img src="<?php echo $base64?>">
Or pass true to render() to get a complete <img> tag
$imgTag = $modules->PlaceholderImage->width(640)->height(480)->render(true);
Or static calls for convenience:
$base64 = PlaceholderImage::image(150,100);
$base64 = PlaceholderImage::image(150, 100, 'FF0000', 'FFFFFF', 'Custom text');
$imgTag = PlaceholderImage::imagetag(150, 100, 'FF0000', 'FFFFFF', 'Custom text');

Github repo


On PW modules 


Live Example on lightning.pw


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