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Protected Folder returns 404


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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with a password protected folder. When I try to access it, I get a «404 page not found» error.

First, here is the file structure:


  - public_html

        - guestcal

               - admin (protected)

        - wire

        - site

        - etc …

The protection was created through my hosts backend. This automatically created a .htaccess file in the folder «admin» with the following content:

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Administration Kellervermietungen"
require valid-user
AuthUserFile "/home/schloss2/.htpasswds/public_html/guestcal/admin/passwd"

I have an alternative url to the site from my host (http://server47.cyon.ch/~schloss2/). When I prepend this instead of the domain name in the browser, the url (http://server47.cyon.ch/~schloss2/guestcal/admin) works fine.

I have zero experience with .htaccess stuff … Is there a conflict with pw? Can someone help?

Thanks a lot,


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